Radioactivity control and management


What is NORM?

Naturally occurring radioactivity occurs in a variety of ores, where uranium and thorium are present. These materials are referred to as naturally occurring radioactive material, or NORM.


The safe handling of NORM, even in non-commercially viable quantities, is essential in metallurgical process development and the production of products for the market, as well as for the protection of workers, the public and the environment.


What can ANSTO Minerals do for you?


ANSTO Minerals staff are experts in the identification and management of NORM. We provide advice to industry and government on how to manage NORM in a range of mineral and processing industries.


ANSTO Minerals provides commercial and consulting services to industry seeking assistance on a range of issues relating to NORM management, including:

  • Radioactivity analyses
  • Site surveys
  • The behaviour of radionuclides in processes
  • The control and removal of radionuclides in processes 
  • Process development for ores containing radioactivity
  • Understanding  and interpreting the regulations and their implications in marketing, handling and processing
  • Safe work practices, when dealing with radiation in the workplace  



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