Process modelling and scoping level engineering


Our specialist knowledge in flowsheet design allows us to provide tailored solutions in defining and optimising hydrometallurgical processes. 


ANSTO Minerals has a proven track record of applying our technical expertise to challenging ores with complex mineralogy and to multi-commodity resources.


ANSTO Minerals undertakes its process development work often supported by generation of process models. The models include a mass and energy and are used to assess the impact of varying process conditions on circuit performance as well as guide the process development effort.


We have developed in-house expertise and packages to model solvent extraction and ion exchange circuit performance, and to design circuits for continuous piloting and demonstration plant operation.


ANSTO Minerals has undertaken numerous scoping level engineering / cost estimate studies for uranium, rare earths, lithium and other flowsheets.



What can ANSTO Minerals do for you?

If you need assistance in developing a new flowsheet, or if you have an existing flowsheet that needs to be modified, the team at ANSTO Minerals can help. Our approach bridges the gap between research institutions, where the emphasis maybe on longer term fundamental knowledge and testing laboratories undertaking more prescriptive programmes. We have a proven track record of finding innovative solutions that can be applied within a project development timetable.

We can assist with the following:


  • Mineralogical characterisation and its impact on process metallurgy
  • Scoping studies, supported by bench scale laboratory tests
  • Pre- feasibility studies supported by batch or continuous mini-plants
  • Definitive feasibility studies supported by a pilot-plant continuous testing demonstration plant as required


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