Mr Chris Dimovski

Research Support/Fieldwork Officer
Phone - +61 2 9717 3938
Mr Chris Dimovski


Role at ANSTO

Provide high level laboratory expertise and field support to research staff in hydro geochemistry, biology, stable isotope ecology and other related disciplines. Plan, Organise and Manage various remote fieldwork campaigns. Supervision and training of staff, post graduates and visiting students in procedures and techniques in various preparation.
Maintain instruments and facilities including building management. Responsibility for preparation, maintenance, calibration and testing of a diverse range of environmental sampling instrumentation and equipment, including grond water sampling pumps, water chemistry probe, soil augering etc.
Experimental expertise include: Cryogenic vacuum distilation (xylem and soil water extraction), soil water extract /dilutions, XRD sample prep and analysis, carbon 14 water line processing, BaS04 extractions.