Mr Scott Olsen

Scientific Operations Group Leader
Phone - +61 2 9717 7039
Scott Olsen


Role at ANSTO 

Mr Scott Olsen is the Scientific Operations Group Leader for the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering.  He is responsible for all the mechanical maintenance and upgrades of existing neutron beam instruments. The Scientific Operation teams includes the Vacuum Specialist and Mechanical Technical Support Groups.

His expertise includes project management, operations and quality management, vacuum technology and design for manufacturability. He also undertakes some research in the field of cultural heritage using neutron strain scanning and tomography.
Scott is a multi-disciplinary engineer with a keen interest in Science and assisting Scientists in their research. After completing a BSc/BE he worked from 1997-2000 at a Solar Cell research company in Sydney maintaining some of the research equipment (sputtering machines, electron-beam deposition machines) and managing varies projects as required by the research groups. He completed a MEngSc during this time. From 2000-2006 he worked at Sydney based acoustic research company Lake Technology spending the last 3 years in charge of manufacturing equipment for outdoor music concerts and movie post-production studios.
From 2006 until 2011 he was the Sample Environment Manager in the Bragg Institute and was responsible for the team looking after all the sample environment apparatus (cryostats, furnaces, magnets, pressure cells, stress rigs, etc.) for the neutron beam instruments.


Qualifications and achievements


  • Dip. Business - Frontline Management -  Swinburne 2007
  • MEngSc - Microelectronics UNSW 1999
  • BEng (Hons) - Systems Engineering ANU 1996
  • BSc - Physics ANU 1994
  • ISO9001 Quality Auditor

Selected publications

Salvemini, F; Olsen, SR; Luzin, V; Garbe, U; Davis, J; Knowles, T and Sheedy, K, Neutron tomographic analysis: Material characterization of silver and electrum coins from the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, Mater. Charact. 118, 175-185 (2016) (from DINGO, ECHIDNA) DOI
Sheedy, KA; Munroe, P; Salvemini, F; Luzin, V; Garbe, U and Olsen, S, An incuse stater from the series ‘Sirinos/Pyxoes’, Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia 26, 36-53 (2015) (from DINGO, KOWARI) DOI
Pullen, SA; Booth, N; Olsen, SR; Day, B; Franceschini, F; Mannicke, D and Gilbert, EP, Design and implementation of a differential scanning calorimeter for the simultaneous measurement of small angle neutron scattering, Meas. Sci. Technol. 25(5), Art. No. 055606 (2014) (from QUOKKA) DOI
Pangelis, S; Olsen, SR; Scherschligt, J; Leao, JB; Pullen, SA; Dender, D; Hester, JR and Imperia, P, Safety interlock and vent system to alleviate potentially dangerous ice blockage of top-loading cryostat sample sticks, J. Appl. Crystallogr. 46(4), 1236-1239 (2013) DOI 
Xia, F; Brugger, J; Qian, G; Ngothai, Y; O'Neill, B; Zhao, J; Pullen, S; Olsen, S and Pring, A, Single-pass flow-through reaction cell for high-temperature and high-pressure in situ neutron diffraction studies of hydrothermal crystallization processes, J. Appl. Crystallogr. 45(2), 166-173 (2012) (from WOMBAT) DOI
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