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Mo-99 Manufacturing Facility

Mo-99 Manufacturing Facility

The new Mo-99 Manufacturing Facility will secure Australia’s ability to produce Mo-99 long into the future. The increased capacity will meet current and future domestic demand and leave a significant proportion to support global demand.

What is the Mo-99 Manufacturing Facility? 

Australia is set to become a very important player in health care internationally as a major supplier of the most commonly used nuclear medicine, molybdenum-99 (Mo-99).

ANSTO has long supplied the needs of Australians with Mo-99, but the global supply has come under threat in recent years because of the closure of ageing research reactors worldwide. 

Since our OPAL reactor is one of the newest and most reliable research reactors of its type in the world, Australia is stepping up to fill the gap. 

The construction of the new facility through the ANSTO Nuclear Medicine Project is set to supply a very significant proportion of this growing world market for nuclear medicine and place Australia in a position of global leadership.

Innovative Synroc waste treatment plant

ANSTO Synroc is an Australian innovation that is a cost effective, low risk solution for the treatment of radioactive waste. The process mimics the natural ability of rocks to safely lock up radioactive elements for hundreds of thousands of years. 

This method is proven to significantly reduce the volume of nuclear by-products compared to other methods such as cementation, potentially saving organisations many millions of dollars in the safe storage of their waste. ANSTO Synroc will deliver a permanent, safe and economical way of treating waste from past, current and future manufacture of nuclear medicines


Mo-99 is the radioisotope used by millions of people around the world in nuclear medicine procedures for the diagnosis of heart disease and other diseases. Mo-99 gives off very small amounts of radiation that is picked up by gamma cameras, providing vital information for doctors seeking to understand how the body parts of patients are functioning.

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