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Visit our Sydney facilities

ANSTO's Sydney locations are home to the Open Pool Australian Light-water (OPAL) multi-purpose reactor, the Centre for Accelerator Science (CAS), the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, the National Research Cyclotron and the National Deuteration Facility.

Hot Isostatic Press machinery in Synroc demonstration plant at ANSTO

Hot Isostatic Pressing

Hot Isostatic Pressing supports advanced manufacturing by increasing a material's density and reducing porosity. This capability complements ANSTO’s extensive suite of instruments and techniques for characterising materials and final products.

Leena Hogan
Radioisotopes & Irradiations Manager, NSTLI Biosciences

Role at ANSTO

Nanoprobe Satellite Building

Nanoprobe beamline (NANO)

The X-ray Fluorescence Nanoprobe beamline undertakes high-resolution X-ray microspectroscopy, elemental mapping and coherent diffraction imaging – providing a unique facility capable of spectroscopic and full-field imaging. Elemental mapping and XANES studies will be possible at sub-100 nm resolution, with structural features able to be studied down to 15 nm using scanning X-ray diffraction microscopy.

ADS banner image

Advanced Diffraction & Scattering Beamlines (ADS-1 and ADS-2)

The Advanced Diffraction and Scattering beamlines (ADS-1 and ADS-2) are two independently operating, experimentally flexible beamlines that will use high-energy X-ray diffraction and imaging to characterise the structures of new materials and minerals.

Hutch B


Publications and resources from the Powder Diffraction beamline.