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National Imaging Cyclotron

National Research Cyclotron

The National Research Cyclotron Facility is a significant part of Australia’s substantial national research infrastructure. It is part of a network of cyclotrons around Australia that produce radioisotopes used in combination with nuclear diagnostic imaging. The ANSTO facility at Camperdown produces radioisotopes exclusively for research purposes, primarily pre-clinical imaging. The cyclotron is a node of Australia’s National Imaging Facility.

OPAL Reactor Core

What is radiation?

Radiation can be described as energy or particles from a source that travel through space or other mediums. Light, heat, and wireless communications are all forms of radiation.

Big Ideas Forum

Creative ideas are the spark for great innovations: this week students from across Australia got to share their ideas through ANSTO’s Big Ideas Forum.

Seeing inside artefact

Seeing inside an ancient Australian Indigenous artefact non-invasively using neutron tomography.



ANSTO has a variety of games and apps to educate students on how radiation works, nuclear medicine, the periodic table, and atom building.

Evidence of spin nematic

Evidence for existence of a highly exotic and elusive state of matter, known as a magnetic ‘spin nematic’ phase in a natural mineral called linarite.

Cosmetic chemistry

Deuteration and nuclear techniques can contribute to the science of beauty.

Partnerships at ANSTO


ANSTO works in partnerships and collaborative ventures with national and international organisations. Partner with ANSTO.