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Sirius Accelerator

Ion beam analysis

When an energetic ion beam hits a sample it will interact with the atoms through a number of very complex interactions. By detecting and measuring the reaction products resulting from the various interactions and their intensities, you can obtain quantitative data on the sample's constituent elements and their spatial distribution.

COVIDSafe Plan

COVIDSafe Plan

This COVIDSafe Plan describes the actions that ANSTO will take to keep our staff, contractors and visitors safe and minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 infection.

ANSTO Minerals Kathryn Prince 2016 staff profile image (1) square 200 x 200
Senior Mineralogist

Kathryn is a Senior Mineralogist & Principal Research Scientist responsible for the coordination of mineralogical work within the ANSTO Minerals business unit.

Sam Sonter
Radiation Safety Training Educator

Samantha is a Radiation Safety Training Educator within Radiation Services.

Robert Blackley
Manager, Radiation Services

Robert Blackley is the Manager of Radiation Services at ANSTO.

Public Interest Disclosure Scheme

Public Interest Disclosure Scheme

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 aims to promote integrity and accountability in the Australian Public Sector by encouraging the disclosure of information about actual or suspected wrongdoing, protecting people who make disclosures and ensuring that disclosures are properly investigated and dealt with.

Health Physics Surveyor, Radiation Services

As Health Physics Surveyor at ANSTO, Harry conducts surveys of sites assessing radiation from various radioactive sources ensuring compliance in line with relevant regulations and policies.

Big Ideas forum 2020

Big Ideas

ANSTO Big Ideas encourages students to creatively communicate the work of an Australian scientist, and explain how their work has inspired them to come up with a Big Idea to make our world a better place. This competition is intended to engage and support Australian students in years 7-10 in Science and encourage them to pursue studies and careers in STEM.

Mr Hock Ch'ng
Head of Safety

Hock Ch'ng's primary responsibilities involve the formulation, development and implementation of strategies, programs, policies and procedures as creative solutions to complex business concerns involving technical, occupational health and safety (OHS),

Low Level Waste

Managing waste

ANSTO has safely managed its radioactive waste for over 60 years. Waste is managed in accordance with national and international standards.

COVIDSafe Plan Victoria

COVIDSafe Plan Victoria

This COVIDSafe Plan describes the actions that ANSTO will take to keep our staff, contractors and visitors and platform users and collaborators safe and minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Surfer Plot

Data Analysis

Below lists some useful programs for data reduction, search matching, analysis and structure visualisation of diffraction data.

coming to visit lucasheights ansto

Visit our Sydney facilities

ANSTO's Sydney locations are home to the Open Pool Australian Light-water (OPAL) multi-purpose reactor, the Centre for Accelerator Science (CAS), the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, the National Research Cyclotron and the National Deuteration Facility.

Brett Rowling (STEM mentor)
Analytical Chemist - ANSTO

Brett Rowling is an analytical chemist from Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) which collaborates with universities and industries globally.

Diversity and inclusion at ANSTO

Diversity and Inclusion

At ANSTO we understand that diverse teams produce better outcomes – and we value the merit that a diverse perspective can bring to the quality and outcomes of our work, and the way we get the job done.