Landmark facilities for Australian science

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OPAL Research Reactor

The OPAL reactor is one of the world’s most effective multi-purpose research reactors.

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Accelerator Science

Accelerators have a vast array of applications used in fields from archaeology through to zoology.

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Bragg Institute

We use a range of neutron scattering and X-ray techniques to solve complex problems.

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Cyclotron facility

The cyclotron allows us to investigate neurological disorders and many other diseases.

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Australian Synchrotron

The Australian Synchrotron facilitates research in medicine, agriculture and nanotechnology.

Nuclear science and technology at work


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Scientists are using the ITRAX core scanner to create a geochemical record of a Dee Why lagoon.


Row C_Radiation App


A new smartphone app could measure an individuals radiation levels.


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A new study helps to make cancer medication doses safer and more effective for patients. 


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Our latest expedition is helping to understand the impact plastics have on the marine ecosystem. 


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Discover the wonders of nuclear science and technology through education resources.

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Our citizen science cruises have helped to explain our plastics research

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Our world is made up of atoms. Learn more about their applications.

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Take a look inside Australia's only nuclear reactor, OPAL.

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Discover the meaning and applications of crystallography


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Federal Minister for Industry, the Hon. Ian Macfarlane announces the appointment of Ms Penny Dobson to the ANSTO Board.

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