Commercial leasing policy


As the centre for Australian nuclear science and technology and nuclear medicine production, ANSTO is custodian of 500 hectares of land at its Lucas Heights campus. Our site is open to the community and we host more than 14,000 visitors here every year. 

In addition to its core functions, ANSTO partners with a range of commercial, research and community organisations and will sometimes leases or licences its land for use by those partner organisations.
As a Commonwealth agency, ANSTO’s work is guided by its enabling legislation, the ANSTO Act 1987. In accordance with the Act, we need to see a relationship between the proposed use of ANSTO’s land and facilities and ANSTO’s core functions which are set out under section 5 of the ANSTO Act.  ANSTO’s core functions include:
  • Research and the application of nuclear science and nuclear technology
  • The production of radioisotopes for medicine, science, industry, commerce and agriculture
  • Activities which encourage and facilitate the application and use of the results of such research and development

How to make an application

ANSTO considers new applications from research, commercial and not-for-profit organisations who are seeking to use ANSTO’s land and facilities for any significant length of time. We ask everyone to submit an application which provides a high level overview of the proposal. This application does not need to be highly detailed but it does need to be a written document which sets out:
  • How your project is associated with ANSTO’s core functions of nuclear science and technology
  • The area of land or building required
  • Details of the project including what you want us ANSTO facilities for, when you would like to use our facilities, how many people will be accessing our facilities at any given time and any other information that might be relevant such as traffic, noise and security arrangements
  • Whether and how you have considered the environmental impact of clearing any land

Applications can be sent to Tracy Edwards, Commercial Development Manager - or (02) 9522 3852.