ANSTO Enterprise Agreement

 On the 15 February 2017 ANSTO formally provided notice to employees that it will be holding a ballot for the proposed ANSTO Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020.

The voting period will be as follows:

• Voting opens: 7:00am Thursday 23 February 2017
• Voting closes: 7:00pm Saturday 25 February 2017

Employees who are eligible to participate in the vote will receive voting instructions directly from the Australian Election Company on the 23 February. The ballot will be conducted online or via telephone during the voting period.

This page has been created for staff who may be unable to access the ANSTO Intranet during the access period.

The Key Changes Employee Guide provides a summary of key changes between the proposed Enterprise Agreement and the 2012-2014 ANSTO Enterprise Agreement. You can also read the final approved ANSTO 2012-2014 Enterprise Agreement.


In accordance with the Fair Work Act, ANSTO is providing access to the proposed ANSTO Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020.

What would you like you know? Information Available
Summary Full Detail
Understand changes between the current agreement and the proposed agreement Summary of Key Changes (3 pages) Comprehensive Comparison (160 pages)
Understand the changes between the previous proposal (April 2016 vote) and the new proposed EA Highlights Fact Sheet (1 page) Full track change EA with issues logged (89 pages)
What has not been resolved through bargaining   Log of Issues and positions (6 pages)
How consultation will work under the proposal Fact Sheet  
More about the Bargaining Policy   Full Bargaining Policy


For your information, ANSTO is also providing the following supplementary ANSTO documents, which are referenced in the agreement:



 Document no:  Name of document:
 AF 5183  Prior Service
 AG 6741  Reward and Recognition Guide
 AP 1641  Probation Procedure
 AP 2784  Position Reclassification Procedure
 AP 6901  Performance Management Process
AP 6907   Management of Misconduct Procedure
 AR 2154  Process for Consulting on Employee Related Documents
 AP 1391   Recruitment and Selection Handbook 
AG 1525   Employee Representative Forum (Lucas Heights) Guideline
 AP 1029  Maintaining a Workplace Free from harassment Bullying or Discrimination
 AP 2783   Linked Positions 
 AP 2788   Band 9-10 Advancement Procedure 
 AP 6904  Annual Performance Effectiveness Appraisal
 AP 6910  Redeploy Retrain Redund Process
 AG 2125   Code of Ethics 
 AP 6740  Reward and Recognition Policy
 AG 1682   ANSTO Delegations Manual 
AG 2672   Relocation and Transfer Guideline
AG 2477  Prevention and Management of Fatigue
AP 5309  Phased Retirement
AG 2487  First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
AR 2271  RMSI Assessment Process*