Strategic priority two

Expand ANSTO's reach and contribution, exploiting landmark technologies


This strategic priority area comprises a number of specific objectives including establishing a national presence, expanding ANSTO’s leadership role in the Australian nuclear science and technology community, re-engaging in a number of areas that are of global scientific significance, strengthening local and global networks and specific communities, and examining involvement in global fusion research programmes and the Large Hadron Collider and its multiplicity of associated programmes.


We will recognise our success by:


  • The scope and impact of our national presence 
  • Development of national networks and communities for cyclotrons, accelerator science, engineering and nuclear engineering education 
  • Serving users of our neutron scattering, isotope and accelerator facilities through AINSE, competitive research programmes, graduate and post-graduate development programmes and research partnerships 
  • Engagement with the global scientific community in key areas of interest