International Year of Crystallography

Early career programs

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Want to be at the cutting-edge of Australian science and Engineering?

Then a career at ANSTO might be the place for you. Our early career programs aims to attract high-calibre candidates to help deliver excellence in nuclear science and Technology at ANSTO with development programs to suit all needs.


Postdoctoral research Fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellows undertake a defined research activity within the framework of ANSTO's research portfolio.

Fellows work independently and collaboratively to identify and resolve challenging research questions and solve specific problems and are expected to disseminate their research findings.

They differ from general ANSTO researchers in that they have defined supervisors and work on defined ANSTO projects for the period of their contract.

They are able to:


  • Build skills and experience that will contribute to the broader Australian economy; and 
  • Develop their careers as researchers.

Fellows are offered employment for a two-year fixed term period, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

For further information contact ANSTO's Senior Adviser, Herma Buttner, on (02) 9717 3535 or email: Postdoctoral positions are advertised via ANSTO's Vacancies page.

Graduate development program

Visit our programs page for more information.




Traineeships are offered in the context of ANSTO's business requirements. Trainees are required to complete their formal qualifications through recognised training organisations, such as TAFE. 

Traineeships have been offered in a variety of fields, including the following:


  • Business Services
  • Animal Technology
  • Administration
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Information technology and;
  • Library Services

For further information, please contact Megan Lusty-Evans, Program Pathways Consultant by phoning: +612 9717 3094.



ANSTO aims to engage technicians and tradespersons through a comprehensive apprenticeship program.

As an apprentice you have the chance to learn a wide range of skills while rotating through engineering workshops. These may include opportunities in drafting, maintenance, planning, quality control and nuclear core facilities.


There are various roles available including:


  • Technicians
  • Fitter/machinists
  • Electricians
  • Sheet metal workers

Apprentices are required to attend a recognised training organisation, such as TAFE, to complete their formal qualifications. All protective clothing and tools are supplied by ANSTO and salary is based on age.

Opportunities are advertised through The Shire Group Training (TSGT), located at the Sutherland Shire Hub for Economic Development (SSHED). See For further information, please contact Megan Lusty-Evans, Program Pathways Consultant by phoning: +612 9717 3094



Year in industry program

Full-time placements for up to 12 months are available at ANSTO for students studying science, engineering, information technology or business disciplines.

The program is open to penultimate year university students who may apply for an internship where industrial practice is a mandatory part of their studies, or where it is an elective subject.

The student must provide evidence that this program forms part of the university's requirements to receive their degree.

An ANSTO supervisor manages each student and develops specific learning objectives in the context of ANSTO's requirements. Regular feedback will be given on performance.

These opportunities are available only to students at Australian universities who have appropriate Australian work rights.

Opportunities for the Year in Industry program will be advertised in July/August each year through the ANSTO website and other University publications. For further information please contact Megan Lusty-Evans, Program Pathways Consultant, by phone: +612 9717 3094.



Summer vacation program


Unfortunately due to other exciting projects, the ANSTO Summer Vacation Program will not be running this year.

For further information please contact Megan Lusty-Evans, Program Pathways Consultant, by phoning: +612 9717 3094.



Science careers Q&A (for years 10-12)


ANSTO’s career workshops are suitable for students in years 10 to 12 who are interested in a career in science. Our workshops include a particular focus on the diverse career pathways inside a science facility as well as access to a panel of scientists who will share how their own career pathways brought them to ANSTO and answer any questions you may have.

Science careers events also includes a tour of the ANSTO’s facilities. Interested? Click to our events page for session information.

At this time ANSTO is unable to offer work experience opportunities.