Eureka! ANSTO recognised at the Oscars of science

ANSTO would like to congratulate the CSIRO team who won our innovative technology prize for their novel 3D mapping device Zebedee and our materials engineers who were the first researchers from ANSTO to win at the Eureka Prizes.

Zebedee is a handheld 3D mapping device, which swings back and forth on a spring to capture millions of detailed measurements.
The technology gives researchers the ability to reliably map an environment in 3D simply by walking through it. The device will make it possible to plot most areas where a person can walk, crawl, or climb from buildings, through heritage sites, to caves. Check out this video demonstration of Zebedee in action.
The team at CSIRO behind Zebedee were recognised for their work collecting ANSTO's Innovative Use of Technology award at the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Award Dinner in Sydney this week.
Now in its third year, ANSTO is very proud to sponsor this award that has attracted a record number of highly innovative applications.
We would also like to congratulate Professor Lyndon Edwards and Michael Saleh from the Institute of Materials Engineering at ANSTO who were recognised for their role in helping to keep Australian troops safe as part of a team working in the Armour Applications Program, including representatives from defence contractors Thales Australia, armour manufacturers Bluescope Steel, the University of Wollongong and Swinburne University of Technology.
It is the first time researchers from ANSTO have won a Eureka award.
Adi Paterson Lyndon Edwards and Michael Saleh at the 2013 Eureka Awards Dinner
L-R: ANSTO CEO Dr Adi Paterson, Eureka Award winner Michael Saleh and Professor Lyndon Edwards, head of ANSTO's Institute of Materials Engineering. Far right image is of materials engineer Michael Saleh
The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) Armour Applications Program has driven the development and commercialisation of high-performance armour materials and manufacturing techniques which are increasing the levels of protection and performance offered by Australian Defence Force vehicles and to operating personnel.
The focus has been on developing technologies and systems which have increased blast and ballistic performance, reduced weight and increased mobility.
Published: 05/09/2013

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