Polarised Helium-3 Gas and polarised neutrons

filing station image

Today, the Polarised 3He Filling Station installed in the Neutron Guide Hall of the OPAL reactor has reached its final milestone of supplying 3He gas with a polarisation higher than 70% in spin-filter cells on one of our instruments, the WOMBAT high-intensity powder diffractometer

Congratulations to the team who performed this work, especially David Jullien and Pascal Mouveau of the Institut Laue Langevin, and Tim D'Adam and Hal Lee of ANSTO, whose super skills and hard work have made it all happen. The final neutron test was done on WOMBAT and the measurements have consistently confirmed higher than 70% 3He polarisation. 

In the coming months, we have scheduled hot-commissioning of full polarisation analysis on the 6 instruments supported by this project: PELICANPLATYPUSQUOKKASIKATAIPAN and WOMBAT, with neutron tests already done successfully on TAIPAN last year. 

With this important milestone reached, we will soon be providing OPAL's neutron beam users with a unique polarised neutron capability.


Published: 17/04/2014

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