Environmental researcher voted national winner 'On the Job' competition

The Australian Academy of Science announced today that ITRAX Facility Officer Patricia Gadd is the national winner of the 'On the Job' competition.  Patricia was one of seven finalists chosen from across Australia, who keep Australian science moving.
Matt Bell from the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering was also a finalist and featured in a short video produced by Australia's science channel and sharing during National Science Week.

Patricia was the people's choice for the award as it followed a public vote during National Science Week. The competition recognised Australia's laboratory and field technicians, support staff and machine operators who keep Australian science moving ahead. 

Working in environmental science, she helped establish Australia’s first micro X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) scanning facility. Patricia assists academics, researchers and PhD students in a variety of projects that analyses and images samples using the ITRAX instrument. ITRAX can be used to study sediments and rock cores, speleothems, corals and wood to reconstruct past climates and environments. Patricia is passionate about her contribution to environmental science and has been a collaborative part of more than 25 publications.

As part of the prize, Patricia will have the opportunity to spend a day with a world-renowned researcher.


Published: 29/08/2016

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