Nuclear science and technology award recipients to deliver Distinguished Lectures at ANSTO

Recipients of ANSTO’s 2016 nuclear science and technology awards will deliver a Distinguished Lecture at ANSTO on 16 May.

ANSTO Early Career Award winner Helen Maynard-Casely from the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering at Lucas Heights will highlight planetary materials research she and co-recipient Helen Brand from the Australian Synchrotron undertake.

Planetary science

Maynard-Casely and Brand have reinvigorated the use of scattering methods in planetary materials in Australia to obtain structural data from materials under conditions that mimic the conditions on other planets.

The presentation at 10:30am will explore how ANSTO’s landmark infrastructure has been used to study where all of the water on Mars is locked up, the instruments that helped discover the ‘bath scum’ of Titan and where experiments have shown oxygen to be present much earlier in Earth’s atmosphere.

One of the co-recipients of the George Collins Award for Innovation, the SAXS/WAXS beamline team members Nigel Kirby and Tim Ryan will highlight the development of the Coflow methodology to improve analysis of protein solutions in a presentation at 11:15am.


Coflow restricts the flow of the delicate protein solution to the centre of the sample cell surrounded by a flowing sheath fluid. The benefits it brings in data quality, sample volume and other enhancements have helped increase the usefulness of the SAXS instrument and add impact in challenging new areas of biology.

Event details

Location:                           AINSE Theatre (adjacent to the cafe), ANSTO, New Illawarra Rd,
                                           Lucas Heights
Date:                                 Tuesday 16 May 2017
Time:                                 10:00-10:30am     Morning Tea
                                           10:30-11:15am     Helen Maynard-Casely
                                           11:15-12:00noon Nigel Kirby and Tim Ryan
Cost:                                  Free


Published: 10/05/2017