Neutron beam time allocations for the 2nd half of 2018

The Program Advisory Committee, chaired by A Prof Tracy Rushmer (Macquarie University), met last week to assess the scientific merit of beam-time and deuteration proposals submitted for time between July and December 2018.

171 cold- and thermal-neutron experiments were recommended for approval, with beam time allocations as follows: 71 days on ECHIDNA, 79 on WOMBAT, 86 on KOALA, 74 on KOWARI, 88 on TAIPAN, 89 on PLATYPUS, 84 on QUOKKA, 57 on DINGO, 94 on PELICAN, 79 on KOOKABURRA, 54 on BILBY, 45 on EMU and 62 on SIKA. The variation is primarily due to time set aside for proprietary work, pre-approved programs of research from previous proposal rounds and time set aside for the mail-in service on ECHIDNA.

2018-2 PAC

Published: 18/05/2018

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