Inaugural speaker returns to deliver lecture on progress of the world largest engineering project to create fusion energy

Distinguished Lecture series  200 x 145

The scientist who gave the inaugural Distinguished Lecture at ANSTO in 2009 on fusion energy is returning in early December to deliver a second on the ITER fusion reactor development project.

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New researcher joins human health team to focus on role of acquired immunity in preventing disease

Immune system_200 x145

Newly recruited immunologist and cellular biologist Dr Frederic Sierro is convinced that a thorough understanding of the complex cellular players and activities of the immune system may be the key to many illnesses.


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Science and medical experts meet in Adelaide to discuss great potential of particle therapy in Australia

THUMBNAIL - Potential of particle therapy for cancer patients in Australia


An Australian-first cancer treatment facility was the hot topic at the National Particle Therapy Symposium in Adelaide on Monday.


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New oxygen ion conducting material for use in solid oxide fuel cells and other devices

New oxide conductor 200 x 145

Japanese researchers have used nuclear techniques at ANSTO to characterise the properties of a new family of materials they developed for use as solid oxide fuel cells, sensors and oxygen separation membranes.

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FNCA Meeting: Combining resources and expertise to address climate change in the Asia-Pacific

FNCA group 200 x 145

An exciting new project, proposed by Australia, brought together the knowledge and expertise of member states of the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA) to address how knowledge of climate changes in the past can help them understand the environmental challenges they face today and will face in future.


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Experiments at the Synchrotron enable researchers to produce a 3D structure of a molecular scaffold with role in cancer

Molecular scaffold 200 x 145

Melbourne researchers have used the Australian Synchrotron to produce the first 3D structure of a molecular scaffold, that plays a critical role in the development and spread of some cancers.


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