New method for producing PET radiotracers in higher radiochemical yields

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ANSTO researchers have led the development of a new method for producing PET radiotracers. The discovery utilises the transition metal rhenium to promote fluorine-18 radiolabelling under aqueous, low temperature conditions.

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Honorary doctorate of science awarded to our CEO

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Dr Paterson was recognised for his extensive national and international experience and impact in science, innovation, energy policy and the nuclear fuel cycle.

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3D models of multilayered structures on engineering scale from nanoscale damage profiles

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Computer modelling of nano-indentation studies performed on ion-irradiated steels has generated 3D stress-field maps on an engineering scale that agree well with experimental results.

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Research confirms heating can increase strength of a type of hydrogel

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Collaboration finds calixerene hydrogels formed with electrolyte magnesium chloride increase in strength upon heating.

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Insights from collaborative research may lead to improvements in the production of carbon fibres

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Research undertaken at the Australian Synchrotron has contributed to a better understanding of chemical changes that affect structure in the production of high-performance carbon fibres.


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Australian-first detector to accelerate cancer research


Australians with cancer will be the first to benefit from the multi-million dollar Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Detector launched today at ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron, fast-tracking cancer research by harnessing light a million times brighter than the sun.


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