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High achievers join ANSTO Graduate Development Program in 2015

Craig Kelly with graduates 2015 media centre thumbnail

Fourteen new graduates, who have been singled out for their talent and potential, have just commenced a two year leadership program at ANSTO.

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Collecting ice cores for research

Andrew Smith in Antarctica media centre thumbnail

Dr Andrew Smith has just finished collecting ice cores and snow samples on the summit of Law Dome in Antarctica, continuing his study on beryllium isotopes. 

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ANSTO radon detector redefines the cleanest air on the planet

Cape Grim 2 media centre thumbnail

The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station in northwest Tasmania is one of a small handful of “premier” WMO-GAW baseline stations, and has been operating since 1976.

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Non-invasive nuclear techniques reveal secrets of historic swords and armour

Tsuba media centre thumbnail
Museums and private collectors have had an interest in Samurai swords because of their workmanship and historical importance. A young scientist at ANSTO has been using neutron imaging to characterise these important cultural artefacts. 
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Cryoelectron tomography

Visual proteomics media centre thumbnail

Cryoelectron tomography is an emerging imaging technique that allows researchers to combine the close-to-life preservation of biological samples with the power of non-invasive 3D imaging. 

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Research captures magnetic moments of semiconductors used in spintronic technologies

3D Magnetic media centre thumbnail
ANSTO scientists at the Bragg Institute and researchers from the University of NSW have used the time-of-flight neutron reflectometer Platypus to gain a better understanding of the functionality of metal oxide thin film semiconductors.  
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