Collaboration develops innovative cancer diagnostic agent

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ANSTO was part of an Australian biopharmaceutical collaboration that developed an innovative diagnostic agent, which can be used to detect and potentially monitor metastatic cancer.

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Fossilised teeth tell the story of feeding habits of extinct reptiles, including dinosaurs

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Internationally- renowned palaeolontologist Dr Robert Reisz will delliver a distinguished lecture at ANSTO on 15 December the feeding behaviours of extinct reptiles, including dinosaurs.

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ANSTO part of collaboration conducting experiments to redefine the kilogram


ANSTO is contributing to a significant international collaboration conducting independent experiments to redefine the fundamental measurement of the kilogram.

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Cape Grim Air Pollution Station celebrates 40th Anniversary

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Cape Grim Air Pollution Baseline Station. where ANSTO collects radon data.

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Australia steps up to prevent a world nuclear medicine shortfall

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Australia is making a significant global contribution by stepping up to help prevent a shortfall in world nuclear medicine supplies with two projects worth about $170 million.

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Prof Nalini Joshi: Inspiring mathematics and lives

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In a scintillating talk that bridged mathematical insights, biographical highlights and a topical discussion of gender equity issues, Prof Nalini Joshi delivered a distinguished lecture on 7 November.

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