Applications open: ANSTO Graduate Program for engineers of tomorrow

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A rare, exciting opportunity is open for engineering graduates at ANSTO's Lucas Heights campus in south Sydney.


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Community information: National Radioactive Waste Management Facility


Staff from the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and ANSTO were welcomed to Quorn Show on 25 September to share information with the community.

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Making the world's best radon detectors even better

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New computational correction is used for radon measurements in less than ideal conditions.

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New publication explains radiation effects and sources

Radiation 200 x 145

New publication for the general public explores what radiation is, what it does to us and its origin .

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Detailed molecular structure of silver nanocrystals determined

Silver nanocrystals_200x145

ANSTO chemist and crystallographer Alison Edwards has contributed to the characterisation of two large, complex silver nanoclusters of 136 and 374 atoms.

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Federal Government helping to finance the development of Lithium Australia’s processing technology

Lithium 200 x 145

A $50,000 Federal Government grant to Lithium Australia will assist with laboratory scale optimisation being carried out by ANSTO Minerals.

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