Australian environmental research featured in US science magazine

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The Smithsonian Magazine has featured the cave deposit research of a collaboration including an ANSTO paleoclimatologist in a recent issue.


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Australia joins international nuclear research forum

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Australia has been approved as a member of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), a co operative international endeavour, joining 12 other nations and the European Union to work together on long term research on advanced nuclear technologies.

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Nuclear techniques measure damage in superconducting cables for fusion energy research reactor

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ANSTO has contributed to the world's fusion energy collaboration by measuring microdamage in superconducting cables.

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Nuclear science and the environment: threat or opportunity?

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Join us at ANSTO on the 11 May as the IAEA's David Osborn highlights the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s environmental monitoring and research program.

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One step closer to finding the spin nematic

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Neutron scattering at ANSTO has contributed to building evidence for the existence of a highly exotic and elusive state of matter, known as a magnetic ‘spin nematic’ phase with potential relevance for spintronic technologies.


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Science talk: photonics to shine a new light on cancer treatment

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ANSTO welcomes Dr Christopher Barty in April who will be talking about the promise photonics offers for environmentally clean-power systems, medical science and a number of nuclear science applications.

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