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2014 year in review at ANSTO

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Whether it was receiving awards, engaging the community or accomplishing great research achievements, 2014 was a big year for ANSTO. 
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Why I’m proud to be a crystallographer

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This year I have learnt more that it is probably healthy to know about crystal structures. I’ve learnt how you can turn a rabbit green with a protein, read up on French military history and marvelled at how a crystal structure can destroy itself. I’ve even found cement interesting!

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Independent Regulator Assessing ANSTO Infrastructure Plan

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The construction of the interim waste store is well underway at ANSTO’s Lucas Heights Campus, with ARPANSA having already issued a license to site and construct it in November last year. The license to operate the interim waste store is the third step in ARPANSA’s standard licencing process.

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Farewell to an old friend

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Today is Prof Don Kearley’s last day at the Bragg Institute. Don spent the first four years as the Research Leader for Hard Condensed Matter at the Bragg Institute, then eased towards retirement.

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Congratulations to ANSTO school science medal recipients

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More than 100 of NSW’s most promising science students are receiving 2014 ANSTO School Science Medals at their end of year presentation nights, from one of Australia’s most prominent science institutions. 
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ANSTO Photography Exhibition

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ANSTO has been the leader in nuclear science and technology in Australia for over 60 years. We would like to share this proud history as well as some of our latest achievements with the local community.

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