ANSTO provides groundwork for promising new nuclear medicine

PET CT scan_200x145

ANSTO research on isotopes of copper contributes to development of new imaging agent with potential therapeutic benefit

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ANSTO Minerals to present at AusIMM International Uranium Conference 2016

ANSTO Minerals Soldenhoff_K 2013_07 Bookshef photo THUMBNAIL

The AusIMM International Uranium Conference offers outstanding keynote speakers and highly experienced industry experts, covering all areas of the sector including exploration, development, production, environmental, health and safety and political aspects. ANSTO Minerals will be presenting three papers at the event.

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Nuclear techniques reveal inner structure of iron meteorities non-invasively


Neutron computer tomography on the Dingo instrument has produced three dimensional video of ron meteorites

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ANSTO researchers featured in Careers with Science publication

Monika Markowska_200x145

Careers with Science profiles a number of ANSTO researchers whose careers are a 'little out of the ordinary'. Photo: Lauren Trompp

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Reappointment of the Chief Executive Officer

CEO reapointed

ANSTO Board Chair Jim McDowell has confirmed that Dr Adi Paterson has been reappointed for five years as the Chief Executive Officer.  Front page photo courtesy of The Leader

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Australian environmental research featured in US science magazine

Burnbt out bush_200x145

The Smithsonian Magazine has featured the cave deposit research of a collaboration including an ANSTO paleoclimatologist in a recent issue.


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