Carbon ion therapy: the Japanese experience with leading-edge radiation treatment for cancer

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Prof Hirohiko Tsujii reports that Japanese medical facilities have had success using carbon ion therapy for cancers that are difficult to treat.

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A simplified way to produce new class of molecules with potential application for preparation of nanomaterials

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Researcher finds  simplified way to make a unique class of molecules that has the potential to shift the way in which new nanomaterials are prepared.


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Experts to discuss latest developments in state-of-the-art radiation treatments for cancer which use accelerated particles

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Three distinguished scientists, who are experts in ion therapy, will be at ANSTO on 1 February to share information about developments in these leading-edge radiation treatments for cancers that are difficult to treat.

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Scientific advances drive Australian economic growth

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A new report commissioned by the Chief Scientist of Australia and the Australian Academy of Science confirms the contribution that scientific research makes to the Australian economy.

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Using the power of computing to analyse the structure of materials in extreme environments

Plastic strain flying plate soil model

A materials engineering researcher uses computer modelling to analyse the structure of materials in extreme environments for the protection of  Australian Defence Forces.

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Atomic structure behaves like gears and torsion-springs to contribute to extreme compressibility

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Research published in Nature Chemistry reports the discovery of a new torsion-like spring mechanism in a series of frameworks that have implications for the strategic design of future materials with exceptional mechanical properties

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