Using PET and simulations to verify the accuracy of dose and range in advanced therapy with heavy ions

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ANSTO has a core group of human health and radiation measurement specialists who are undertaking research relating to advanced radiation techniques using heavy ions.

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ANSTO expertise focused on understanding of reduced water levels at Thirlmere Lakes in three year collaborative project

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ANSTO environmental researchers have been selected to participate in a three-year project funded by the NSW Office of Heritage and Environment to further investigate the movement of water at Thirlmere Lakes. 

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ANSTO facilitating coordinated effort to find the nexus that leads to chronic kidney disease of unknown origin

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ANSTO is acting as a convenor in bringing together Australian and Sri Lanka researchers, organisations and expertise to explore chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu), a major health problem in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world.

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ANSTO recognises local Indigenous heritage in new mural


ANSTO has recognised the indigenous culture and history that surrounds our campus, with the creation of a Dharawal Mural.

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Dharawal Mural tells an ancient story

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The Dharawal Mural tells the story of the ancient Aboriginal landscape of Bardens Creek 

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Report to the independent nuclear regulator, ARPANSA, and the IAEA


Today the independent nuclear regulator, ARPANSA, has released an Inspection Report in relation to ANSTO’s radiopharmaceutical production facilities.

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