Study of polar ice confirms carbon-climate feedback

Antarctica panorama 200 x 145

ANSTO has collaborated on research published today in Nature Geoscience that confirms the carbon-climate feedback mechanism

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Leader highlights half a decade of accelerator science in distinguished lecture

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Prof David Cohen will deliver a distinguished lecture on 12 August highlighting achievements in accelerator science at ANSTO. Please join us.

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Using nuclear techniques to help sustain Australia's finite groundwater resources

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Groundwater research at ANSTO has provided crucial information to answer questions about groundwater recharge, groundwater age and dynamics, the interaction between surface water and groundwater and salinisation.

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Pelican instrument provides crucial experimental evidence of unusual quantum state

Quantum state_news thumbnail

Nuclear technique provides indication of possible new quantum spin state of matter in antiferromagnetic material

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Australian planetary scientists congratulate NASA after Juno enters Jupiter's orbit


An ANSTO planetary scientist comments on NASA's remarkable achievement in placing a research spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter


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Frontiers of synchrotron research suggest even brighter future for materials science and engineering

MRS Bulletin_200 x145

An ANSTO scientist has co-edited a special issue of the Material Research Society MRS Bulletin on synchrotron radiation research in materials science which emphasis the importance of complementarity.

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