Celebrating Vivid light and Synchrotron light

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While Sydney is being transformed into a glittering canvas of light during Vivid, other forms of high energy light are being used by Australian science infrastructure to answer important scientific questions relating to human health during the International Year of Light 2015. 

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Technological innovation and partnership needed to make progress on mental disorders

PET scan of the brain media centre thumbnail

We are on the brink of making true progress in the diagnosis and treatment of mind and brain disorders with innovative biomedical imaging technologies and biomarkers, according to distinguished clinical psychologist and mental health reformer Prof Ian Hickie.

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Volunteer Week: Part one

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In celebration of the contribution that over six million Australians make to their communities, we ask ANSTO employee Jane Howard who volunteers to care for both native Australian wildlife and shelter dogs, to share her story. 

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Volunteer Week: Part two

Maree Emett volunteering media centre thumbnail

In part two of our celebration of Volunteer Week, we look at the work being done by ANSTO Minerals employee Maree Emett at the Green Point Observatory in NSW.

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Australia's nuclear agency welcomes 2015/16 budget

2016 budget media centre thumbnail

Last night the Federal Government announced $193 million for Australia’s nuclear agency, enabling expansion of its critical nuclear medicine production program, and cutting-edge environmental, health and industrial research.

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Research to improve food and income security in Pacific countries

PNG Research team media centre thumbnail

A/Prof Jesmond Sammut of the UNSW was at ANSTO on 11 May 2015 to deliver a presentation at the Institute for Environmental to Research (IER) on aquaculture projects that affect food and income security in developing countries. 

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