Research highlights how biodistribution of a toxic substance essential to understand all exposure risks

Tadoles 200 x 145

ANSTO and Griffith University researchers  have contributed to a better understanding of how pollutants accumulate and are distributed in amphibians during development.

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Neutron scattering helps clarify the arrangement of magnetic vortices, skyrmions, in material

Skyrmion 200 x 145

QUOKKA measured changes to the skyrmion lattice in situ when an electric current was applied under different magnetic fields


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Australia assists in the collection of marine sediments to support contaminant quality control measures by IAEA

James Corry sampling 200 x 145

ANSTO, in association with James Cook University, has collected marine sediments from the Australia Pacific Region which will be used to produce Certified Reference Materials  by the IAEA Environmental Laboratories Monaco

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Snapshots of an unprecedented double element-hydrogen bond activation at a transition metal centre provide insight for catalytic chemistry

Nature Chemistry image 200 x 145

ANSTO has contributed to research led by a group at Oxford University that demonstrated the viability of using a single-step double element-hydrogen bond activation process to produce a metal dihydride compound. 

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Young physicist in training to become a surrogate inspector for Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation

Alison Flynn 200 x 145

A young Australian researcher at ANSTO is currently undertaking a training program to become a surrogate inspector for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO)


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German ambassador visits to see a ‘sparrow’ being assembled

Richter Prinz Schultz 200 x 145

Dr Anna Prinz visited ANSTO on 2 June for discussions and a tour of the suite of neutron instruments, which includes the newly donated neutron reflectometer, SPATZ.

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