Radiocarbon study provides insight into soil carbon dynamics and effects of agriculture

Agriculture 200 x 145

ANSTO has contributed to research that indicated agriculture affects the organic carbon storage in subsoil up to one metre and challenged the concept that subsoil is a stable repository of organic carbon.


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Dark side of the universe highlighted in Distinguished Lecture

Deep field Hubble 200 x 145

Prof Tamara Davis, an astrophysicist at the University of Queensland who is searching for the elusive ‘dark energy”’ that is accelerating the universe, will deliver a Distinguished Lecture on the most exciting developments in modern astrophysics and discuss her work with the Dark Energy Survey on 12 April at ANSTO.

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How much does the Internet know about you? Find out on the opening night of the 2017 World Science Festival

Fact or Fiction Web of Intrigue 200 x 145

Is the Internet infinite? How much does it weigh? What is the science of a selfie? All this and more can be discovered on tomorrow night at Conservatorium Theatre, on the opening night of the World Science Festival.


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Instrument scientist featured in publication for PhD students

Florianan Salevmini 200 x 145

Head of the Cultural Heritage project Floriana Salvemini shared highlights from the time she spent studying for her PhD in a profile for Postgraduate Futures.

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Insights may lead to design and development of superior metallic alloys

metallic glass 200 x 145

An international research collaboration led by scientists at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has explained a long-standing thermodynamic inconsistency in the formation of a class of metallic glass that may lead to the development of new, better metallic alloys.

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Detached retina of laboratory animal “glued” with new hydrogel

Quokka data hydrogel eye research

Nuclear techniques have been used to validate the structure of a new hydrogel, developed by a group of Japanese researchers, with potential to treat various eye disorders.



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