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Untangling spaghetti - elucidating molecular basis of the complex viscoelastic properties of polymers

Polystyrene 200x145

Experiments at ANSTO have helped increase an understanding some of the viscoelastic properties of polymers.

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Deuteration of biopolymers in bionanocomposites

SWNT biopolymer blend thumbnail

Carbon nanotubes have been incorporated into a blend of deuterated biopolymers, allowing for electrical conductivity of the polymer film. These polymers have potential implications as scaffolds supporting regrowth of damaged tissues and electrical conductivity can promote the re-growth of nerve cells on similar materials.

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Fine-tuning chemistry by doping with transition metals produced stability in bismuth oxide

Bismuth oxide molecule 200 x 145

ANSTO has have contributed to research involving doping transition metals in a polymorph of bismuth oxide in a search for more structural stability.

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Innovative technology provides enhancement to advanced radiation therapy

NCEPT team photo 200 x 145

An ANSTO health researcher has received a number of awards for her contribution to the development of a new hybrid technique that enhances the effectiveness of an advanced form of radiation therapy for cancer.


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ACNS & NDF Advisory Committee Meets

ACNS 2018 Advisory Committee thumb

The Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering & National Deuteration Facility Advisory Committee, which provides strategic advice, met last week at ANSTO under the guidance of Prof Brendan Kennedy (University of Sydney).

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QUOKKA Celebrates with Front Cover


QUOKKA, which is one of ACNS SANS instruments, is featured on the front cover of the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Crystallography and appears in a special edition on “Advanced neutron scattering instrumentation”.

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