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Nuclear techniques help unlock the structure of a rare type of superconducting intermetallic alloy

Crystal structure_intermetallic

Nuclear techniques have played an important role in determining the crystal structure of a rare type of intermetallic alloy that exhibits superconductivity.

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Scientists from Indonesia visiting to gain expertise on neutron instruments

BATAN scientists 200 x 145

The Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering is currently hosting three IAEA scientific visitors  from Indonesia’s National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN), who are being provided with an overview of the KOWARI, TAIPAN and DINGO instruments.

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Powerful combination of deuteration and neutron scattering used to characterise structure of molecules on surface of nanoparticles

Surface of nanoparticles

A large collaboration of scientists have used a powerful new approach to overcome the challenging task of characterising the structure of self-assembling organic molecules on the surface of nanoparticles.


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Invisible deuterated detergents for studying structures of membrane proteins

Tamim Darwish visit to Lise Arleth

Detergents are commonly used to stabilise membrane proteins in order to study their structures. The Chemical Deuteration Team of the National Deuteration Facility has developed a new method for the synthesis of common detergents that allows for selective deuteration such that they are invisible when studied using small angle neutron scattering, leaving only the signal from the protein of interest.

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Evidence of quantum state in spin cluster chain predicted by Nobel Prize recipient found in magnetic mineral

Haldane state_200 x 145

Nuclear techniques at ANSTO have helped to confirm a quantum spin phenomena, a Haldane phase, in a magnetic material, that has potential to be used as a measurement model for quantum computation.


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Nuclear techniques bring new insights into how structure contributes to function in food

Gilbert Benavent-Gil

Key to ANSTO’s food science research is exploring the relationship between structure and function.

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