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International collaboration to develop better nuclear fuels and materials 01/09/2015

´╗┐Research using atomic scale computer simulations at ANSTO on accident tolerant nuclear fuels and cladding materials has the potential to design better components that can handle a ‘loss of coolant’ scenario  in light water reactors (LWRs). 

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Ionising radiation measurements evaluated in portable devices 16/06/2014

The popularity of smartphones continues to grow with the availability of an ever-growing range of applications. The app, Radioactivity Counter, is designed to measure a person’s exposure to radiation. 

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Eureka! ANSTO recognised at the Oscars of science 05/09/2013

ANSTO would like to congratulate the CSIRO team behind the innovative 3D mapping device Zebedee and our own materials engineers who were recognised at the 2013 Eureka Prizes.

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An investigation of residual stresses in insulated rail joints 30/10/2012

Science is coming to the aid of railway engineers in Australia to help them produce and maintain safer and longer lasting rail lines that could be used around the world through the use of neutron diffraction.

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Simulating phase transformations during the welding of ferritic steels 12/10/2012

A new model developed by research scientists at ANSTO to predict the structural changes in stainless steel during welding could help improve safety and integrity in critical engineering components.

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Towards realisation of novel semiconductor radiation detectors 11/09/2012

Semiconductor gamma-ray and X-ray detectors are being used increasingly in medicine, industry, astronomy and national security.

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Analysing residual weld stresses leads to better structures 03/09/2012

ANSTO's Dr Philip Bendeich recently spoke to the engineering industry magazine PACE about the science of welds and how his work can benefit Australian industry.  

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Advanced nuclear waste forms 20/08/2012

Since the 1980s, ANSTO has been a world leader in nuclear waste form research and is now extending its waste form activities into developing nuclear materials for the next generation of reactor technologies.

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Improving the identification of radiological and nuclear materials 28/05/2012

The United States will soon require all trade partners to perform passive radiation screening on 100% of cargo at the country of origin, due to the rise of illicit trafficking of radiological and nuclear material.

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Understanding radiation damage at the atomic scale 15/05/2012

Materials for future nuclear applications all share one important property, the ability to maintain functionality during exposure to extreme levels of irradiation.

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