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20th ACNS/NDF proposal round closed last Friday 18/09/2017

Our 20th proposal round closed last Friday, with 258 proposals across 14 cold- and thermal-neutron instruments, and 32 proposals for Chemical- and Bio-Deuteration at the National Deuteration Facility. Excluding existing approved programs and the mail-in system on ECHIDNA, 1534 beam days have been requested.

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All spins point up for SIKA 14/09/2017

The cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA records its first fully polarised neutron beam using 3He spin-filter polariser and analyser cells.

Iron based nitride superconductor 200 x 145
Insights into atomic structure of next-generation superconductors 12/09/2017

Neutron diffraction has clarified the absence of magnetic order and classified the superconductivity of a new next generation of superconductors.

Figure 3 thumbnail - Experimental evidence of quantum spin
Experimental evidence of quantum spin liquid explained by Kitaev theoretical model 26/07/2017

Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) has provided experimental evidence that the two dimensional material, alpha ruthenium trichloride, α-RuCl3 is a strong candidate for a quantum spin liquid (QSL) that fits the Kitaev theoretical model.


Skyrmion 200 x 145
Neutron scattering helps clarify the arrangement of magnetic vortices, skyrmions, in material 21/06/2017

QUOKKA measured changes to the skyrmion lattice in situ when an electric current was applied under different magnetic fields


Nature Chemistry image 200 x 145
Snapshots of an unprecedented double element-hydrogen bond activation at a transition metal centre provide insight for catalytic chemistry 13/06/2017

ANSTO has contributed to research led by a group at Oxford University that demonstrated the viability of using a single-step double element-hydrogen bond activation process to produce a metal dihydride compound. 

Richter Prinz Schultz 200 x 145
German ambassador visits to see a ‘sparrow’ being assembled 05/06/2017

Dr Anna Prinz visited ANSTO on 2 June for discussions and a tour of the suite of neutron instruments, which includes the newly donated neutron reflectometer, SPATZ.

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Superconductivity ARC Linkage Grant Success 01/06/2017

Congratulations to Vladimir Luzin who is a partner investigator on a successful ARC Linkage grant "Nanostructure engineered low activation superconductors for fusion energy” that was recently announced by the ARC.

Historic firearm
Dingo sees through heavy corrosion to help identify an historic firearm 30/05/2017

ANSTO assisting with the identification of a heavily corroded historical iron firearm recovered from an archaeological site in Melbourne.

ACNS & NDF Advisory Committee 2017 Thumb
ACNS & NDF Advisory Committee Meets 29/05/2017

The Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering & National Deuteration Facility Advisory Committee, which provides strategic advice, met last week at ANSTO under the chairmanship of Prof. Anton Middelberg (University of Adelaide).

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