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ACNS Success at the 2017 ANSTO Awards in Nuclear Science and Technology 17/11/2017

Congratulations to the ACNS Sample Environment team who won the George Collins Award for Innovation at the 2017 ANSTO Awards in Nuclear Science and Technology at a gala event held last night.

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ACNS & NDF Grant Success 14/11/2017

ACNS & NDF are involved in two successful ARC-Discovery grants in the current round on "Liquids to semiconductors: the formation of solution-processed electronics" with the Macquarie University and "Mixing the Jigsaw Pieces of Natural Products: New Molecules-New Properties" with the University of Sydney, along with one ARC-Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities on "Thermo-gravimetric infra-red imaging system for functional materials study" with the University of Wollongong.

New oxide conductor 200 x 145
New oxygen ion conducting material for use in solid oxide fuel cells and other devices 07/11/2017

Japanese researchers have used nuclear techniques at ANSTO to characterise the properties of a new family of materials they developed for use as solid oxide fuel cells, sensors and oxygen separation membranes.

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20th ACNS/NDF proposal round closed last Friday 18/09/2017

Our 20th proposal round closed last Friday, with 258 proposals across 14 cold- and thermal-neutron instruments, and 32 proposals for Chemical- and Bio-Deuteration at the National Deuteration Facility. Excluding existing approved programs and the mail-in system on ECHIDNA, 1534 beam days have been requested.

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All spins point up for SIKA 14/09/2017

The cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA records its first fully polarised neutron beam using 3He spin-filter polariser and analyser cells.

Iron based nitride superconductor 200 x 145
Insights into atomic structure of next-generation superconductors 12/09/2017

Neutron diffraction has clarified the absence of magnetic order and classified the superconductivity of a new next generation of superconductors.

Figure 3 thumbnail - Experimental evidence of quantum spin
Experimental evidence of quantum spin liquid explained by Kitaev theoretical model 26/07/2017

Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) has provided experimental evidence that the two dimensional material, alpha ruthenium trichloride, α-RuCl3 is a strong candidate for a quantum spin liquid (QSL) that fits the Kitaev theoretical model.


Skyrmion 200 x 145
Neutron scattering helps clarify the arrangement of magnetic vortices, skyrmions, in material 21/06/2017

QUOKKA measured changes to the skyrmion lattice in situ when an electric current was applied under different magnetic fields


Nature Chemistry image 200 x 145
Snapshots of an unprecedented double element-hydrogen bond activation at a transition metal centre provide insight for catalytic chemistry 13/06/2017

ANSTO has contributed to research led by a group at Oxford University that demonstrated the viability of using a single-step double element-hydrogen bond activation process to produce a metal dihydride compound. 

Richter Prinz Schultz 200 x 145
German ambassador visits to see a ‘sparrow’ being assembled 05/06/2017

Dr Anna Prinz visited ANSTO on 2 June for discussions and a tour of the suite of neutron instruments, which includes the newly donated neutron reflectometer, SPATZ.

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