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Radon research leads to new technique to improve global climate models 21/03/2018

An investigation that set out to resolve some of the uncertainty in the sources and quantities of pollutants reaching Antarctica has produced a new experimental technique to identify and characterise recently terrestrially-influenced air reaching Antarctica.

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ANSTO Minerals to present at ALTA 2018 15/03/2018

ANSTO Minerals will be presenting three papers at the upcoming ALTA 2018 Nickel-Cobalt-Copper, Uranium-REE-Lithium and Gold-PM Conference and Exhibition to be held in the Perth from 19-26 May 2018.

Barramundi 200 x 145
Investigations of food authenticity using nuclear techniques to benefit industry and consumers 13/03/2018

ANSTO’s seafood provenance research was given some impetus from stakeholders who attended a workshop here in mid-February.


Pamela Naidoo Ameglio 200 x 145
Recent appointment of executive to head Nuclear Operations makes female trio on leadership team: Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio 08/03/2018

When Pamela Naidoo- Ameglio joined ANSTO six weeks ago as Group Executive, Nuclear Operations, she became the third female on the Executive Leadership Team.

Antarctic flight_200 x 145
Experiments carried out on Antarctic flight using state- of-the-art microdosimeters 05/03/2018

University of Wollongong researchers and Dr Dale Prokopovich from ANSTO had the rare opportunity to collect data on a range of particles from the upper atmosphere on a one day flight above the southernmost continent.

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Evidence of quantum state in spin cluster chain predicted by Nobel Prize recipient found in magnetic mineral 27/02/2018

Nuclear techniques at ANSTO have helped to confirm a quantum spin phenomena, a Haldane phase, in a magnetic material, that has potential to be used as a measurement model for quantum computation.


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Multipurpose research reactor providing radioactive phosphorous for implantable medical device to treat pancreatic cancer in global clinical trial 20/02/2018

ANSTO is providing expertise and irradiation services for Australian biomedical company OncoSil Medical

Gilbert Benavent-Gil
Nuclear techniques bring new insights into how structure contributes to function in food 14/02/2018

Key to ANSTO’s food science research is exploring the relationship between structure and function.

Mayan Empire 200 x 145
Environmental research may reveal insights about Mayan Empire for current climate challenges 07/02/2018

ANSTO is participating in a prestigious international project to test the theory that the Mayan Empire collapsed because of climate change.

Soil erosion_thumbnail
Project focuses on enhancing crop productivity in Asia Pacific countries by improving soil and water 06/02/2018

ANSTO will be providing facilities and expertise to train representatives from the Asia-Pacific region in the use of radioactive and stable isotopes to measure changes in soil and water quality.


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