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Historic firearm
Dingo sees through heavy corrosion to help identify an historic firearm 30/05/2017

ANSTO assisting with the identification of a heavily corroded historical iron firearm recovered from an archaeological site in Melbourne.

Nanoparticle  200 x 145
Successful synthesis of nanomaterial that improves catalytic converter efficiency 22/05/2017

A large international collaboration, which included ANSTO, has successfully synthesised highly porous rhodium nanoparticles that could be used as a more effective catalytic converter for vehicles. 

Barrow island coast 200 x 145
Evidence of the earliest occupation of the coasts of Australia from Barrow Island, Northwest Australia 19/05/2017

An archaeological study has found evidence of the earliest occupation of the Australian coast from Barrow Island, Northwest Australia.


Dose deposition 200 x 145
ANSTO research focuses on an advanced form of cancer treatment under consideration in Australia 17/05/2017

Study investigated the use of a beam of positron-emitting radionuclides for the precise delivery of non-invasive and highly conformal radiotherapy.


Seabird feather 200 x 145
Advanced imaging reveals unusual, unseen patterns in seabird feathers 17/05/2017

Advanced X-ray imaging techniques have been used to identify essential chemical elements in the feathers of long-distance migratory seabirds.

White graphene 200 x 145
Stable, highly conductive 2D nanosheets of boron nitride promising new material 10/05/2017

An international group of researchers has arranged 2D nanosheets of boron nitride, the “white graphene”, into membranes with a significant level of conductivity and chemical and thermal stability up to 90°C.

Distinguished Lecture series news thumbnail
Nuclear science and technology award recipients to deliver Distinguished Lectures at ANSTO 10/05/2017

Work of Early Career Award and George Collins Award for Innovation recipients will be highlighted.

Mitch Klenner 200 x 145
New method for producing PET radiotracers in higher radiochemical yields 26/04/2017

ANSTO researchers have led the development of a new method for producing PET radiotracers. The discovery utilises the transition metal rhenium to promote fluorine-18 radiolabelling under aqueous, low temperature conditions.

UOW logo 200 x 145
Honorary doctorate of science awarded to our CEO 21/04/2017

Dr Paterson was recognised for his extensive national and international experience and impact in science, innovation, energy policy and the nuclear fuel cycle.

3D stress field thumbnail
3D models of multilayered structures on engineering scale from nanoscale damage profiles 19/04/2017

Computer modelling of nano-indentation studies performed on ion-irradiated steels has generated 3D stress-field maps on an engineering scale that agree well with experimental results.

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