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Using PET and simulations to verify the accuracy of dose and range in advanced therapy with heavy ions 18/01/2018

ANSTO has a core group of human health and radiation measurement specialists who are undertaking research relating to advanced radiation techniques using heavy ions.

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ANSTO expertise focused on understanding of reduced water levels at Thirlmere Lakes in three year collaborative project 28/12/2017

ANSTO environmental researchers have been selected to participate in a three-year project funded by the NSW Office of Heritage and Environment to further investigate the movement of water at Thirlmere Lakes. 

Banati in Sri Lanka 200 x145
ANSTO facilitating coordinated effort to find the nexus that leads to chronic kidney disease of unknown origin 20/12/2017

ANSTO is acting as a convenor in bringing together Australian and Sri Lanka researchers, organisations and expertise to explore chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu), a major health problem in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world.

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Dharawal Mural tells an ancient story 18/12/2017

The Dharawal Mural tells the story of the ancient Aboriginal landscape of Bardens Creek 

Dome C Antarctica 200 x 145
Retrieving an Antarctic ice core more than a million years old presents challenges and opportunities 06/12/2017

Environmental scientists are considering how ANSTO’s expertise, infrastructure and analytical capability could play a role in Australian plans to drill a million-year ice core record in Antarctica.


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Progress on tailorable nanoscale emulsion for a wide variety of applications including drug delivery 05/12/2017

Collaboration clarifies how behaviour of tailorable nanoscale emulsions (TNEs) interact with their targets is directed by the interfacial structure.

PET Explorer 200 x 145
Health researchers meet with total-body PET Explorer Consortium team 28/11/2017

Scientists from ANSTO’s Human Heath and the University of Sydney Imaging Physics Laboratory visited the University of California Davis laboratories to meet with team of researchers from the total-body PET Explorer Consortium.

Distinguished Lecture series  200 x 145
Inaugural speaker returns to deliver lecture on progress of the world largest engineering project to create fusion energy 17/11/2017

The scientist who gave the inaugural Distinguished Lecture at ANSTO in 2009 on fusion energy is returning in early December to deliver a second on the ITER fusion reactor development project.

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New researcher joins human health team to focus on role of acquired immunity in preventing disease 16/11/2017

Newly recruited immunologist and cellular biologist Dr Frederic Sierro is convinced that a thorough understanding of the complex cellular players and activities of the immune system may be the key to many illnesses.


New oxide conductor 200 x 145
New oxygen ion conducting material for use in solid oxide fuel cells and other devices 07/11/2017

Japanese researchers have used nuclear techniques at ANSTO to characterise the properties of a new family of materials they developed for use as solid oxide fuel cells, sensors and oxygen separation membranes.

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