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Australia and Sri Lanka sign new partnership to fight chronic kidney disease 26/05/2017

Under the agreement, ANSTO, operating the Synchrotron and other national research facilities, agreed to help with “in-kind support to investigate the epidemiology of CKDu.”

Nanoparticle  200 x 145
Successful synthesis of nanomaterial that improves catalytic converter efficiency 22/05/2017

A large international collaboration, which included ANSTO, has successfully synthesised highly porous rhodium nanoparticles that could be used as a more effective catalytic converter for vehicles. 

Barrow island coast 200 x 145
Evidence of the earliest occupation of the coasts of Australia from Barrow Island, Northwest Australia 19/05/2017

An archaeological study has found evidence of the earliest occupation of the Australian coast from Barrow Island, Northwest Australia.


Particle therapy event 200 x 145
Meeting of minds about potential next-generation cancer treatment for Australians 17/05/2017

A National Particle Therapy and Research Centre would provide all Australians with access to the very latest in cancer treatments, delivering proton therapy and cutting edge carbon therapy.

Dose deposition 200 x 145
ANSTO research focuses on an advanced form of cancer treatment under consideration in Australia 17/05/2017

Study investigated the use of a beam of positron-emitting radionuclides for the precise delivery of non-invasive and highly conformal radiotherapy.


Seabird feather 200 x 145
Advanced imaging reveals unusual, unseen patterns in seabird feathers 17/05/2017

Advanced X-ray imaging techniques have been used to identify essential chemical elements in the feathers of long-distance migratory seabirds.

PAC May 2017 Thumb
Beam time allocations for the second half of 2017 15/05/2017

The Program Advisory Committee, chaired by A/Prof Tracy Rushmer (Macquarie University), met last week to assess the scientific merit of beam-time and deuteration proposals submitted for time between July and December 2017.

JAC Cover
Garry McIntyre joins editorial board of Journal of Applied Crystallography 12/05/2017

Congratulations to Garry McIntyre who has been appointed as one of the three Main Editors of the Journal of Applied Crystallography.

Queenwood School for Girls 200 x 145
Queenwood students achieve a 'towering' engineering victory 12/05/2017

Building a stable tower out of paper and designing a bionic limb were among the challenges of the Discover Engineering day, held on 11 May at ANSTO.

2016 NRIR Thumb
2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap Released 12/05/2017

The 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap which outlines Australia's research infrastructure requirements over the coming decade has been released today by the Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, and Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Senator Arthur Sinodinos.

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