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ITER toroidal field cable 200 x 145
Research investigates low activation and low cost superconducting material for magnetic coils in next generation fusion reactors 21/02/2017

ANSTO has participated in collaborative research investigating microstructure and the superconducting properties of a material made with isotopically pure boron for use in the magnetic coils of nuclear fusion reactors, such as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

ITER January 2017_ 200 x 145
Distinguished Lecture: Big Science can provide value for money 20/02/2017

Emeritus Professor of Physics Max Brennan AO will explore the topic, “Big Science—Value for Money” in a Distinguished Lecture at ANSTO on 21 March 2017.

Tryptophan 200 x 145
Collaborative research has significance for ubiquitous interaction of biomolecules with water 14/02/2017

Experiments at ANSTO have provided supporting evidence of unexpected enhancement of water solubility of biomolecules in an aqueous solution of divalent transition-metal cations.

Spatz team 200 x 145
A sparrow with 257 parts weighing more than 29 tonnes arrives safely at ANSTO 14/02/2017

A small team at ANSTO will begin the painstaking assembly of the newly acquired neutron reflectometer SPATZ, formerly known as BioRef, which has arrived safely in three shipping containers after a two-month journey from Germany.

100 Thumbnail
KOWARI the third instrument at OPAL to exceed 100 publications! 10/02/2017

After 8 years of an open user program, the KOWARI Strain Scanner has reached a milestone of 100 journal papers published in variety of materials and engineering journals and is still counting.

Prof Andrew Peele 200 x 145
Prof Andrew Peele appointed President of the Australian Institute of Physics 08/02/2017

Director of the Australian Synchrotron, Professor Andrew Peele, is the new President of the Australian Institute of Physics.

Autoimmune complexes
Unearthing immune responses to common drugs 07/02/2017

Australian researchers used the Australian Synchrotron to bring us a step closer to understanding immune sensitivities to well-known, and commonly prescribed, medications.

Dislocation pinning 200 x 145
Research clarifies origin of superior properties of new materials for next-generation molten salt reactors 07/02/2017

ANSTO has joined a Sino-Australian project and contributed significantly to research clarifying the origin of the superior mechanical properties in a new class of materials for use in the next generation of molten salt reactors (MSRs).



Chelsea Long 200 x 145
Young researcher accepted into Australian Antarctic Science Program 06/02/2017

AINSE Winter School participant will study the impact of volcanic emissions on cosmogenic beryllium.

Neutron data geology 200 x 145
Research clarifies origin of microstructures in rock found deep in the Earth’s crust and mantle 31/01/2017

ANSTO has collaborated on research with Macquarie University to clarify the origin of microstructures in metamorphic rock found deep in the Earth’s crust and mantle impacted by mineral-bearing fluids.

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