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Silk fibres 200 x 145
New infrared imaging technique reveals molecular orientation of proteins in silk fibres 20/09/2017

A large international collaboration has used the infrared microspectroscopy (IRM) beamline at the Australian Synchrotron to determine the structure of proteins in individual silk fibres

2018 ACNS Demand Thumb
20th ACNS/NDF proposal round closed last Friday 18/09/2017

Our 20th proposal round closed last Friday, with 258 proposals across 14 cold- and thermal-neutron instruments, and 32 proposals for Chemical- and Bio-Deuteration at the National Deuteration Facility. Excluding existing approved programs and the mail-in system on ECHIDNA, 1534 beam days have been requested.

Gen IV framework ceremony 200 x 145
Australia officially joins International Collaboration on Next Gen Nuclear Energy Systems 15/09/2017

Australia has been officially welcomed to the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Framework Agreement, a partnership through which we will contribute to international work on the development of future nuclear energy technologies.


2017 ANSTO, Australian Synchrotron Stephen Wilkins Medal 14/09/2017

Continuing a tradition set up by the Australian Synchrotron Research Program (ASRP), ANSTO is seeking submissions for the ANSTO, Australian Synchrotron Thesis Medal, named in honour of Dr Stephen Wilkins.


SIKA deer media centre thumbnail
All spins point up for SIKA 14/09/2017

The cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA records its first fully polarised neutron beam using 3He spin-filter polariser and analyser cells.

Iron based nitride superconductor 200 x 145
Insights into atomic structure of next-generation superconductors 12/09/2017

Neutron diffraction has clarified the absence of magnetic order and classified the superconductivity of a new next generation of superconductors.

Pyrochlore 200 x 145
Mathematical insights explain inconsistencies in experimental data: pyrochlore transformation into defect fluorite or not? 05/09/2017

An ANSTO researcher has co-authored a novel theoretical approach to explain inconsistencies between crystallographic and chemical experimental data in the apparent transformation of a pyrochlore to defect fluorite.

 Funding and infrastructure boost for the Australian Synchrotron
Funding and infrastructure boost for Australian Synchrotron 31/08/2017

ANSTO has secured $80.2 million in new funding to expand the research capabilities of the Australian Synchrotron.


Bendable knot
X-rays used to understand atomic structure of bendable crystals 29/08/2017

Queensland researchers have shown that single crystals, typically thought of as brittle and inelastic, are flexible enough to be bent repeatedly and even tied in a knot.

Taylor Glacier 200 x 145
Man-made fossil emissions larger than previously believed 24/08/2017

An international group of researchers who included ANSTO environmental scientists, report two important findings regarding methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and large contributor to global warming.

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