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In this section you will find a list of frequently asked questions about ANSTO’s OPAL research reactor that may be of interest to you as part of the community. 
Q icon with background What is the OPAL research reactor? A icon with background OPAL stands for Open Pool Australian Light-water reactor and is a research reactor that is designed to produce neutrons used in research and to produce radioisotopes.
Q icon background 2 What powers OPAL? A icon background 2

OPAL is fuelled by low-enriched uranium and capable of generating 20 MW (megawatts) of thermal power.


Q icon with background How safe is OPAL? A icon with background OPAL is very safe. Its design guarantees the protection of staff, the public and the environment from radiation hazards.
Q icon background 2 What would happen if a plane flew into OPAL? A icon background 2 If a plane flew into OPAL there would be no damage to the reactor itself as it is protected against severe impacts by its design. OPAL is protected by a strong containment building that has thick concrete walls and a cesna shredder.
Q icon with background If there was an earthquake how would this affect OPAL? A icon with background OPAL is able to withstand an extreme earthquake and in this situation, OPAL would be safely shut down as a safety measure.
Q icon background 2 Where can i learn more information about OPAL? A icon background 2 You can learn more information about OPAL by visiting  this webpage.