Community: Safety and emergency FAQ's


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In this section you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding safety and emergency practices. Like any large industrial site we have emergency policies and procedures in place and we want our community to be aware of them.   

Q icon with background What do i need to do if there is an emergency at ANSTO? A icon with background In an emergency, stay calm and follow the directions of police and emergency workers who will provide advice and directions.
Q icon background 2 Does ANSTO have an emergency response plan? A icon background 2

Yes. Our emergency plan ensures that in an emergency all individuals can safely get off site. The plan is carried out in accordance with the NSW emergency planning framework. 


Q icon with background Does ANSTO have a fire safety plan?
A icon with background

Yes. ANSTO prepares for the NSW bush fire season by implementing a range of bush fire hazard reduction programs. Our plan ensures we take the necessary measures to safeguard lives and to protect buildings and critical infrastructure.


Q icon background 2 Where can i find more information about how to be prepared for an emergency? A icon background 2

The NSW Police and Emergency Services provide information on how to be prepared for an emergency. 

Q icon with background How can i develop my own emergency plan? A icon with background

You can develop your own emergency plan so you know what to do in a bush fire, flood or storm emergency. 

Q icon background 2 How is radioactive waste managed? A icon background 2 ANSTO has over sixty years of experience in the safe management of its radioactive waste and used fuel. You can learn more about how ANSTO currently manages radioactive waste here.