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In this section you will find a list of frequently asked questions about ANSTO as an organisation including who runs the organisation and where we are located. 
Q icon with background Who runs ANSTO? A icon with background ANSTO is run by the Australian Government and is funded by taxpayers. The ANSTO Act sets the parameters of our work and our CEO reports to the Board appointed by the Governor-General.
Q icon background 2 Who regulates ANSTO? A icon background 2 ANSTO is regulated by ARPANSA.
Q icon with background Where is ANSTO located? A icon with background ANSTO is located in the Sutherland Shire at Lucas Heights. The campus is situated 40km south-west of the Sydney CBD. 
Q icon background 2 What does ANSTO do? A icon background 2 ANSTO is helping to find answers to some of the big science questions such as improving health outcomes and increasing our understanding of the environment. 
Q icon with background How does ANSTOs operation help the local community? A icon with background ANSTO is helping to improve our health with one in two Australians benefiting from the nuclear medicines produced using OPAL research reactor when being treated for serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.
Q icon background 2 What ANSTO facilities can the community access every day? A icon background 2 Members of the public can book in to take a tour of ANSTO’s Lucas Heights facilities. ANSTO also has a café onsite and a motel which is available day to the public. ANSTO also has a great childcare centre with places available to families in the community.
Q icon with background Why is there high security at Lucas Heights? A icon with background Strict measures are enforced with gaining access to ANSTO because of the safety of visitors and for the protection of the public. The site also has valuable infrastructure and equipment that needs to be secure.
Q icon background 2 Who can I contact for more information about ANSTO?  A icon background 2 You can contact reception on 02 9717 3111  or visit us by booking a community tour 02 9717 3090 or email