Negotiations and contract stage


On this page you will find details on how tenders are evaluated and a set of terms and conditions.  

Award of contract

An evaluation team will examine each tender received and make recommendations as to which response represents the best value for money using the pre-determined evaluation matrix, weightings and scoring methodology.
Once a contract has been awarded, both the successful and unsuccessful respondents will be notified. Only upon request in writing to the nominated contact person in the invitation documents will ANSTO provide unsuccessful respondents, any debriefings.
ANSTO treats all responses commercial in confidence and only that respondents submission will be discussed and submissions by other respondents are not open for discussion, nor are the evaluation, or scoring, or weightings. Successful contracts maybe recorded as a public record on AusTender.
All contracts are only awarded after due internal approval processes and any contractual obligations occur only after issue of an ANSTO purchase order or an executed contract signed by both parties.

ANSTO standard Terms and Conditions

The sourcing team, in conjunction with Legal Counsel, will determine the appropriate contract template to be utilised for the specific sourcing event. 

Any variation to ANSTO's Standard T&C's and the schedules must be approved by ANSTO Legal before they are agreed with the supplier, for example, if a supplier proposes to alter ANSTO Standard T&Cs or proposes to use their own T&Cs, then ANSTO Legal must approve these changes. 

Please refer to the following information for more detail.