Supplying goods and services

The need to demonstrate value for money is central to ANSTO's procurement strategy. On this page you will find information on how to become an ANSTO supplier. 


How to become an ANSTO supplier

ANSTO delivers specialised advice, scientific services and products to government, industry, academia and research organisations. It does so through the development of new knowledge, delivery of quality services and support for business opportunities.
ANSTO receives its funding from the Commonwealth Government and is charged with ensuring all expenditure represents the best value for money. This is achieved by encouraging competition through a standardised procurement process and undertaking a comparative analysis of all relevant costs and benefits of each purchasing proposal over the life of the purchase. All ANSTO procurement is conducted in an accountable, transparent and ethical manner.
The need to demonstrate value for money is central to ANSTO's procurement strategy and cannot be achieved without the support of suppliers in developing strategic partnerships in all categories of spend. We rely on our suppliers to deliver excellence, constantly seek to improve services, and deliver against negotiated and contracted key performance indicators.
Suppliers are selected on the basis of overall value for money. Whilst price is important, ANSTO will always consider non-price factors such as quality, reliability, safety, timely delivery and after sales support, before arriving at a decision which is the most economically advantageous to ANSTO.
Potential suppliers must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical capability to fully meet the contractual requirements. We also look for a clear demonstration of commitment to
  • equal opportunities in employment
  • training of staff
  • environmental issues
  • OH&S
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibilities
If you're interested in supplying ANSTO you can regularly check AusTender site at where all open invitations are advertised. ANSTO in accordance with regulations will publish annual procurement plans.