Procurement objectives and guidelines

ANSTO expenditure will utilise a competitive, transparent, accountable and ethical process to derive the best value for money in terms of the quantity, quality, price, availability and best fit for ANSTO having regard to social, corporate and environmental issues.



ANSTO has closely aligned its procurement process with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines and makes use of Australian National Audit Office guidelines on ethics, accountability and transparency. These guidelines are:

1. Ethics

Ethics means the moral principles or values that guide officials in all aspects of their work. Ethical behaviour encompasses the concept of honesty, integrity, probity, diligence, fairness, trust, respect and consistency including fraud.

2. Accountability

Accountability means that ANSTO officials are responsible for their actions and decisions in relation to the procurement and for the resulting outcomes.

3. Transparency

Transparency provides assurance that procurement processes undertaken by ANSTO officials are appropriate and that policy and legislative obligations are being met. It involves ANSTO officials applying these probity principles and documenting all decisions throughout the process. 

ANSTO has strict guidelines that align with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines regarding any acceptance of gifts or hospitality and all those involved in the procurement process must adhere to the guidelines on ethics, accountability and transparency. All conflicts of interest must be declared.


ANSTO strictly prohibits potential respondents and all suppliers providing gifts or hospitality in any form that would jeopardise the process and may result in them being excluded from business opportunities.


Any requests soliciting any form of gifts or hospitality from any ANSTO employees or contractors or those associated with ANSTO activities or involved in the procurement should be referred to the Management of ANSTO Finance and Procurement.