Procurement strategy and thresholds

ANSTO's procurement strategy is to deliver value for money by reducing cost, improving compliance, simplifying processes and reducing risks.

In our efforts to develop a strong partnership with key vendors, suppliers are encouraged to offer options or solutions which, in a novel or innovative way, contribute to ANSTO's ability to carry out its business in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. These may be related to the functional, performance and technical aspects of the requirement or opportunities for more advantageous commercial arrangements.


Procurement thresholds

Expenditure rangeProcess
$400,000 and belowThis is made of a number of initiatives that include low value, one-off purchases by credit card, use of existing Commonwealth contracts, as well as obtaining valid competitive quotes in line with the principles of ethics, accountability and transparency.


ANSTO may still use the open invitation process in certain procurements in this category.


$400,000 and above 

Advertised via AusTender, Open or restricted invitation process, ie, EOI, RFP, RFT or RFQ.