Ordering and payment process

In this section you will find details on invoicing ANSTO and its payments terms.

Receiving orders and getting paid
When ordering goods or services ANSTO creates a purchase order with a unique number. The supplier must be in receipt of a valid purchase order before providing the goods or services. Purchase orders issued for supply of goods and services will need to be quoted on all invoices.
These invoices provide the means for payment and only upon entry of receipt in SAP against the respective purchase order will Accounts Payable effect payment.
Invoices should be sent to the address specified on the purchase order. To avoid delay in payment it is important that the invoice is legally compliant and that it includes a valid PO number and your details. The details required include name, ABN and contact number. GST must be shown separately.  Any non-compliant invoices will be sent back to the supplier resulting in delay in payment. 
Payment terms
ANSTO's standard terms of payment are 30 days commercial i.e. 30 days from month end of invoice date. Payments are subject to receipt by ANSTO of a correct invoice in accordance with the goods and services procured.
Method of payment
All payments are transferred electronically via EFT and suppliers will need to ensure that full details are provided on the correct ANSTO form so that vendor accounts are established in SAP to enable prompt payment. ANSTO reserves the right to withhold payment where the goods or services have not been provided in accordance with the contract. ANSTO expects all their suppliers to pay any sums due to sub-contractors promptly and within the agreed days.