Procurement process


Identify needDetermine suitable process
Annual procurement plan 
Business case 
Risk assessment 
Procurement budget
Establish evaluation committee, including advisors 
Open or restricted invitation (via AusTender or direct sourcing events) 
Procurement method decision (eg. EOI, RFT or RFP)  
Evaluation methodology, including mandatory evaluation criteria 
Invitation time limits and timetable

Conduct procurement processApproval process
Prepare a probity plan, including evaluation and methodology 
Prepare and release invitation documentation (EOI, RTF, RFP) 
Publish requirements in AusTender and/or advertise tender notices 
Tenders received and acknowledged 
Value for money assessment, including compliance to ANSTO Terms and Conditions 
Evaluation report 
Negotiations - best and final 
Recommendation report
Recommend decision 
Probity report (if required) 
Seek approval from relevant delegate 
Decision documented

Establish contract, including KPI's, performance reports, etc 
Provide advice to unsuccessful respondents 
Provide debriefing sessions if requested 
Publish resultant contract on AusTender if over $400k 
Decisions regarding requests for variation of the contract 
Purchase orders 
Purchase payment 
Transition process