Work Health & Safety and Environment Policy

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ANSTO Commitments

Through its core values, ANSTO is committed to delivering excellence in our Work Health & Safety and Environmental (WHSE) performance.

Work Health & Safety
ANSTO will strive to have a people-safe workplace.  We believe that no one should be harmed through ANSTO activities.  We are all responsible for our safety, that of our colleagues and of the public.
Environment and Sustainability
All ANSTO employees are responsible for environmental stewardship. We are committed to effective stewardship, the sustainability of our operations and to responsibly interact with the local ecology and biosphere, and to protect it. We will minimise our environmental footprint through the sustainable use of resources and by the prevention, minimisation and control of pollution.
ANSTO is committed to undertaking education, research and innovation in support of the scientific understanding of the environment, and to provide policy advice and solutions for a sustainable planet.
ANSTO Actions
To meet our WHSE commitments wherever we undertake our activities, we will maintain standards and systems and set measurable objectives and targets. These will be based on a published strategy and annual plans that are supported by good practices meeting and exceeding relevant legislated and other requirements. This policy and the associated processes, procedures, systems, standards and targets will continually be improved using a blame-free learning approach to meet our commitments.
In consultation with our stakeholders, we will identify, assess, mitigate and manage our WHSE risks and impacts where they cannot be eliminated. Our actions will be timely, well-planned, and executed with the objective of achieving the intended result and minimising unintended consequences. We will maintain a program of knowledge development and transfer, leadership, monitoring and auditing our performance. We will report publicly on progress.