Directions to ANSTO Reception

ANSTO Reception map

Northern approach

  1. Take the M5 to the Fairford Rd exit which is marked with signs to Menai and Wollongong (please note that a toll is payable).
  2. Head south for approximately 14kms staying on Fairford Rd as it turns into Davies Rd, Alford’s Point Rd and New Illawarra Rd (all of these will be designated as Route 6).
  3. ANSTO will be on your left.


Southern approach

  1. Take the Princes Highway to Engadine then turn into Heathcote Rd which is marked with signs to Menai and Liverpool.
  2. Head west for 5.4 kms and turn right onto New Illawarra Rd for 1.8 kms.
  3. ANSTO will be on your right.

To reception

  1. Turn off New Illawarra Rd onto Rutherford Ave and proceed approximately 150 metres to a roundabout at the top of the small hill.
  2. Turn right at the roundabout and proceed approximately 550 metres towards the main entrance.
  3. Turn left before the main gate to enter the reception carpark.