Finding answers in science

ANSTO is one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and is widely recognised as an international player in the field of nuclear science and technology.

ANSTO works across areas such as health, environmental science and materials to find solutions to some of the biggest questions in science. 
To find these solutions ANSTO operates much of Australia’s landmark infrastructure including one of the world’s most modern nuclear research reactors, OPAL; a comprehensive suite of neutron beam instruments; the Australian Synchrotron; the National Imaging Facility Research Cyclotron; and the Centre for Accelerator Science. Here are some of our research areas:
Understanding our environment
ANSTO researchers look at many aspects of our environmental systems from the impact of drought and human activities on the health of our wetlands to the potential impact the East Antarctic Ice Sheet on global sea-levels. Some case studies include:
Improving our health
ANSTO is a centre for research in life sciences and undertakes a broad range of research in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis including:
Understanding our world
Nuclear science is playing a key role in helping to understand our world, by giving us knowledge about the history of mankind and the world around us. Some case studies include:
Enabling innovation for industry
ANSTO is always looking at identifying new opportunities for Australian industry. Some case studies include: