ANSTO Innovation Precinct


The Vision:


  • A Global centre to train and develop nuclear scientists of tomorrow.
  • Develop tomorrow’s high tech industrialists
  • Create an eco-system of industrial users, using ANSTO platforms

The ANSTO Innovation Precinct will be designed to help foster innovation within ANSTO and its community; by instilling an understanding of innovation and providing opportunities for knowledge transfer between academia and industry.

It will connect the Australian industry with our nation’s best and brightest researchers and engineers, and provide unparalleled access to Australia’s landmark and national research infrastructure.

There are 3 components of the ANSTO Innovation Precinct:

1. The Graduate Institute


A Global centre to train and develop Australia’s next generation of scientists and engineers the institute will offer a unique platform for high achieving science and engineering graduates to advance their professional careers and contribute to outcomes that benefit community and industry.


  • Working in close partnership with universities, the graduates in the program will benefit from:
  • Working alongside some of Australia’s leading researchers and engineers
  • Access to critical science infrastructure to deliver innovative and high impact research
  • Develop and foster connections with industry through structured programs to enable innovation
  • Delivering translational science and key business skills to establish careers beyond academia
  • Structured programs to support science skills, soft skills, innovation mindset and job readiness.


2. The Innovation Incubator

ANSTO’s Innovation Incubator will offer not only physical office and co-working space for eligible members but access to ANSTO graduates, structured programs, business support services and innovation toolkits.


Member benefits will include:


  • Access to ANSTO’s researchers, engineers and technical experts
  • Access to established connections with world class universities and leading graduates
  • Access to established tools and structured programs
  • Dynamic office and co-working space
  • Support from local business networks and organisations.


3. The Technology Park


The ANSTO Technology Park will create an eco-system and community of industrial users, patronising Australia’s landmark and national research infrastructure and expertise and will form part of the bigger ANSTO Innovation Precinct.


Businesses of all sizes could realise the benefits of being co-located within the Innovation Precinct, bringing jobs and growth to southern Sydney.


Further Information
To discuss current and future ANSTO Innovation Precinct Opportunities, please contact or call 02 9717 9700