Sodium Iodide - I131 - Solution (Unstabilised)

(No Reducing Agent)


Product Code10016
Radioactive Content100, 1000, 6000MBq
Radionuclidic PurityMatches I-131 spectrum with most prominent peak at 365 keV.  Other y emitters ≤0.10%
Radiochemical PurityGreater than 95% (131I) as Iodide at time of manufacture 
Specific ActivityNot less than 185 TBq (131I) per gram of Iodine at calibration
CalibrationCustomer orders are calibrated for 0900 hrs Sydney time on the day requested by the customer.  The calibration date of any manufactured batch must not be more than 16 days after the parent Tellurium is removed from the reactor.
Pack SizePlease enquire from Customer Service Department regarding various sizes. Typically 50μl
AvailabilityMade to order, please enquire from Customer Service Department 
Expiry7 days from Calibration
NOTEThis product is not stabilised and tends to revert to the iodate and therefore its use is recommended for two days after processing.