Sodium Iodide - I131 - Therapy Capsules


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Product Code10020 50MBq - 600MBq
10233 700MBq - 1200MBq
10233 2000Mbq - 6000Mbq
IndicationsSodium Iodide (131I) Therapy Capsules are indicated in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and the detection and ablation of residual functioning thyroid tissue in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.
Chemical FormSodium Iodide absorbed on an hydrous di-Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate
Physical FormCapsule in 10 mL serum vial
Specific ActivityGreater than 185 TBq Iodine-131/g Iodine
Radionuclidic PurityGreater than 99% Iodine - 131
Radiochemical PurityGreater than 99% Iodine - 131 as Iodide following dissolution
Pack SizeAs per decay chart above
Calibration0900 hours Sydney time Monday

Made to order - orders received by 1300 hours Sydney time will be despatched the same day for Australian customers


Expiry14 days after calibration 
Aust R22808