Chromium-51Cr Edetate Injection BP


Product Information (PI)

Consumer Medical Information (CMI)


Product Code10038
IndicationsChromium [51Cr] Edetate Injection BP is indicated for the determination of glomerular filtration rate in the assessment of renal function.
AppearanceClear, violet solution contained in a 3mL (nominal) serum vial sealed with a gold cap.  The volume is as follows:  Material No. 10038: 1mL
Radioactive Content7.2 to 8.8 MBq in 1 mL at Calibration
pHThe pH of the solution is between 3.5 - 6.5
Chromium Content>1.0 mg/mL
EDTA Content>15mg/mL free EDTA
Radionuclidic PurityOnly [51Cr] detected.  No detectable y emitting impurities
Radiochemical Purity≥95% chromium [51Cr] edetate.  <0.5% uncomplexed chromium-51
Specific ActivityAdjusted to be ~30 GBq Chromium-51 per g Chromium
Calibration0900 hours Sydney time on the first day of each calendar month
AvailabilityEx stock
Expiry31 days from calibration
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