Gallium - 67Ga - Citrate Injection BP


Consumer Medical Information (CMI) 


Pack SizeProduct Code
244MBq (6.6mCi)10836
325MBq (8.8mCi)10837
488MBq (13.2mCi) 10838
732MBq (19.8mCi)













IndicationsAs at 23 December 2003:  Gallium Citrate 67Gallium Injection, U.S.P. may be useful in demonstrating the presence of the following malignancies:  Hodgkin's disease, lymphomas and bronchogenic carcinoma.  Positive 67Gallium uptake in the absence of prior symptoms warrants follow-up as an indication of a potential disease state.
Pack Size244MBq, 325MBq, 488MBq, 732MBq

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