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Molybdenum - 99Mo Technetium - 99mTc - Sterile Generator 

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Product Code10000
IndicationsSodium pertechnetate [99mTc] is used for scintigraphy, principally of the brain and thyroid. It can also be used to prepare various technetium-99m labelled injections for selective organ imaging especially of the liver, lung, bone and kidney.
Pack Size40 GBq, 50 GBq, 60 GBq, 80 GBq, 100 GBq, 120 GBq, 370 GBq
Calibration0900 hours Sydney time Monday and Thursday
Availability7 days notice required
Expiry14 days from calibration
Aust R40 - 120 GBq 72820
370 GBq 75859