Sodium Iodide - I131 - Injection BP


Production Information (PI)


Product Code10018
IndicationsSodium Iodide (131l) is indicated in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and the detection of residual functioning thyroid tissue in differentiated thyroid carinoma
 Specific Activity>185 TBq/g Iodine at time and date of calibration
 pH7 and 8.5
 Radioactive Concentration200MBq/mL ±10%
 Radioactive Content

As per customer order ±10%

Note: Activity per vial shall be from 200 - 1600 MBq

 Radiochemical Purity>  95% (131l) as Iodide at time of manufacture
 SterilityProduct is sterlised by autoclaving
 Pack size200MBq, 800MBq, 16000MBq 
 Calibration0900 hours Sydney time Monday
 AvailabilityMonday calibration:  Orders by 1pm Thursday for Sunday despatch.  Wednesday calibration: 7 days' notice
 Expiry14 days after calibration
 Aust R22800