Leukoscan® sulesomab kit


For the preparation of Technetium-99m labelled LeukoScan


Product Information (PI)
Consumer Medicine Information (CMI)

Produce Code10165
Indications Use in diagnostic imaging for the investigation of suspected osteomyelitis in long bones and in feet in patients including those with diabetic foot ulcers.
Pack SizePackage containing one (1) vial, with a single use dose of 0.31 mg lyophilized sulesomab. The product should not be used beyond the expiration date printed on the label
Availability Ex stock 
Expiry Expiry date for this kit stored at 2οC - 8οC is 48 months from the day of manufacture 
Aust R 82071 Leukoscan® is a registered trademark of Immunomedics, Inc