Quadramet® Samarium - 153Sm

Lexidronam Pentasodium Injection


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Product Code10029
IndicationsQuadramet® is indicated for the relief of bone pain in patients with painful osteoblastic skeletal metastases as indicated by a positive bone scan. The presence of bone metastases should be confirmed prior to therapy.
Pharmaceutical formSterile injection
Chemical FormA solution of Samarium - 153 EDTMP Complex with a minimum of 62 molar excess of Ca/Na EDTMP
Pack Size6 GBq
Calibration0900 hours Sydney time Wednesday
AvailabilityMonthly. Check with Customer Service Department for production dates.

Quadramet® expires after 48 hours of the calibration time and date given on the label, or 8 hours after thawing, whichever is earlier. 

Aust R 62521

Shipped in dry ice - keep frozen until use

Medicare Rebate No. 16018

The listing in the Medicare Benefits Schedule book is  Administration of 153 Sm-Lexidronam for the relief of bone pain due to skeletal metastases (as indicated by a positive bone scan) from either:

  • carcinoma of the prostrate, where hormonal therapy has failed: or
  • carcinoma of the breast, where both hormonal therapy and chemotherapy have failed; and either:-
    • the disease is poorly controlled by conventional radiotherapy:-
    • or conventional radiotherapy is inappropriate, due to wide distribution of sites of bone pain