Radiopharmaceuticals product list


ANSTO manufactures radiopharmaceuticals through its business arm, ANSTO Health. These medicines have been labelled with radionuclides. Nuclear medicines can be used diagnostically to make an accurate diagnosis of an illness, or therapeutically to treat diseased organs or tumours. 



Indicated for the determination of glomerular filtration rate in the assessment of renal function. More...

Gallium Citrate-67

The Gallium Injection, U.S.P. may be useful in demonstrating the presence of the malignancies, such as  Hodgkin's disease. More...

Gentech® Generators

Used for scintigraphy of the brain and thyroid, and preparation of technetium-99m labelled injections for organ imaging. More...

Indium-111 DTPA Injection

Pentetate Indium Disodium [111In] is recommended for use in radionuclide cisternography. More...

Iodine-123 MIBG Injection (Diagnostic)

Use - scintigraphic localisation of phaeochromocytomas, paragangliomas and ganglioneuroblastomas. More...

Lyophilised Kits

Cold kits labelled with Technetium 99mTc are used for imaging bone, kidney and brain diseases. More:




Quadramet is used to relieve patients experiencing bone pain due to painful osteoblastic skeletal metastases. More...

Sodium Iodide-131

Capsules or Solution - used for treatment of hyperthyroidism and detection of functioning tissue in thyroid carcinoma.  More: