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ANSTO Minerals has established a track record of providing practical solutions and innovative technology in ways that deliver financial and environmental benefits to our clients. The capabilities and experience that our team has built over the last 40 years are outlined below. Please feel free to contact any member of our team to discuss how we can assist you and help develop your project.


Capability Overview - (PDF > 1mb)




Analytical Facility 
- (PDF > 1mb)

analytical capability - minerals

Base Metals
- (PDF > 1mb)

basemetals img

Critical Metals Processing 
- (PDF > 1mb)

specialty metals img


Heap and In-Situ Leaching 
- (PDF > 1mb)

in-situ-leaching img

Ion Exchange 
- (PDF > 1mb)

ion-exchange img

Lithium Processing 
- (PDF > 1mb)

lithium-processing img


Membrane Separation 
- (PDF > 1mb)

membrane-seperation img

- (PDF > 1mb)


 mineralogy-img minerals


Novel Flowsheet Design Modelling
and Engineering - (PDF > 1mb)


 flowsheet-design-process img


Piloting Operations 
- (PDF > 1mb)

piloting operations v2 img

- (PDF > 1mb)


radioanalytical img 

Rare Earth Processing 
- (PDF > 1mb)


 rare-earth-processing img


Solvent Extraction 
- (PDF > 1mb)


solvent-extraction img 

Uranium Processing 
- (PDF > 1mb)


 uranium-processing img