Rare earth processing


ANSTO Minerals provides innovative process development consultancy services for the treatment of ores containing rare earths.


We offer services ranging from mineralogical analysis of drill core, process development studies at laboratory scale through to pilot plant demonstrations, to help clients maximise the value of their rare earth containing mineral concentrate and produce market ready final products, free from chemical impurities and radioactivity.

We have been active in rare earth process development for over 20 years, and through our involvement with multiple rare earth projects such as Mt Weld (Lynas), Nolans (Arafura), Toongi Dubbo (Alkane), we have gained expertise on how to treat a wide range of different ore types.


What can ANSTO Minerals do for you?

ANSTO Minerals can provide rare earth processing expertise in the following areas: 

  • Processing of rare earths that contain major economic minerals such as monazite, bastnasite and xenotime
  • Processing of rare earths from accessory, more complex mineral phases, such as apatite, zirconium/niobium minerals and other less frequently exploited minerals
  • Creation of conceptual flow sheets and test work programmes for greenfield sites
  • Development of conceptual studies to introduce new technology into existing mineral processing flow sheets
  • Extensive experience in solvent extraction technologies used for production of separated rare earth products, with world class facilities to support continuous testing
  • Manage and develop laboratory and pilot plant programmes tailored to each project



Contact Us


Dr Chris Griffith 
Business Development Manager
Ph: +61 2 9717 3923
Email: chris.griffith@ansto.gov.au