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What is ANSTO Synroc?

ANSTO's Synroc technology is a versatile waste solution that can be tailored to manage problematic solid or liquid radioactive wastes. Learn more

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Tailored solutions for industry

The ANSTO Synroc team design the waste form and process technology to manage solid or liquid radioactive wastes from a broad range of sources. Learn more

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The technology behind Synroc

Synroc technology immobilises radioactive waste in a durable, solid rock-like material for long-term storage. Learn more

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The benefits of Synroc

The distinct advantages offered include exceptional durability, volume reduction and significant life cycle cost savings. Learn more

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Synroc case studies

Find out more about the national and international case studies utilising ANSTO's processes and technology. Learn more

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Synroc at ANSTO

At ANSTO, the Synroc plant will be treating radioactive waste from nuclear medicine produced at ANSTO. Learn more

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Contact us

To find out more about how this world-leading technology can be utilised, contact the ANSTO Synroc team. Learn more

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ANSTO Synroc moves to detailed engineering phase

Synroc is moving to realise its design concept into a fully functional process plant.

 Synroc HIP cannister


ANSTO Synroc plant

The building works on the Synroc waste treatment plant, part of the ANSTO Nuclear Medicine project, are due to commence in 2017.